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Back 4 Blood's first expansion is out and there's a free new difficulty mode

Plus "unofficial" Steam Deck support

Back 4 Blood has received its first paid expansion since release. Tunnels Of Terror adds a new level, two new playable characters, and new Legendary weapons. It also arrives alongside a free update which makes umpteen balance changes, adds a new difficulty mode called No Hope - sounds fun - and introduces "unofficial" support for the Steam Deck.

Here's a trailer for the expansion:

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Tunnels Of Terror takes place in underground caves infested by monsters, where the walls appear frequently to be made entirely out of flesh. If you can survive the tunnels, you'll be rewarded by new powerful weapons and attachments. There are two new Cleaners, the game's playable characters, available on the journey: former firefighter Sharice, who has defensive buffs; and Heng, who can sense nearby hive entrances and gear through walls.

As the name suggests, No Hope is a new extra hard difficulty level for those who have otherwise conquered what the game has to offer. It's one of the additions in April's free updates, the changelist for which is long. It includes lots of balance tweaks for the campaigns, certain card abilities, and the Cleaners.

It also includes a tweak which its developers think will make Back 4 Blood playable on Proton platforms, including the Steam Deck. It's "not yet official support" and has had limited testing, but Turtle Rock are lookingfor interested players to give it a try and offer feedback on their Discord.

Tunnels Of Terror will cost you £12/$15/€15 and is available from Steam.

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