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Shadow Warrior 3 delayed into next year

Because they want more time to make it good

The fast-paced, fast-talking violence of Shadow Warrior 3 will not arrive this year after all, now pushed back into "early 2022." Devolver Digital and developers Flying Wild Hog explain it's the usual reason: they want more time to make the FPS good, yeah? A good reason. For now, you can watch the new trailer announcing the delay.

The game's Twitter explains, "Shadow Warrior 3 is, like, 99% awesome, but it's gonna be at least 120% awesome with a little more polish, so we decided to give it the extra bit of love that it deserves. However, Devolver's Twitter says the game "needs a bit more time to sharpen its blades". Well, WHICH IS IT? Sharpen or polish, you LIARS?

I suppose one could argue that sharpening can be a crude first step in a polishing process, or that polishing is the ultra-refining endpoint of sharpening. But when you sharpen your old kitchen knife by slapping it against the rod like you think you've seen chefs do on television, you won't then carefully lap it and proceed to polish with escalating grains of sandpaper. And when you see your nan polishing the mantelpiece with her duster and can of Mr Sheen, you don't expect it to be so sharp that if you leaned against it to admire the carriage clock, your hand would shear clean off, time slowing for a beat while panic spread across your face before you violently ejected every drop of blood in your body through the stump and over her three-piece sofa suite.

Shadow Warrior 3 is due to hit Steam and GOG in early 2022. For now, perhaps you might want to watch the 17-minute Shadow Warrior 3 gameplay trailer from last year.

Flying Wild Hog were bought by the ever-growing Embracer Group last year. The studio have a lot going on besides Shadow Warrior 3, also currently working on top-down looter shooter Space Punks (currently in paid early access but due to become free-to-play), vampire-hunting shooter Evil West, and black-and-white samurai saga Trek To Yomi (written by RPS co-founder Alec Meer).

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