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Shadow Warrior 3 shows off 17 more minutes of gameplay

Getting back into the swing of things

Shadow Warrior 3 won't launch until next year, but hey here's some extra blood, guns, and katanas to pore over 'till then. Devolver Digital have published a new gameplay video tearing through "Way to Motoko" and a fight with that there Slinky Jakku thing.

The new video has plenty of Shadow Warrior shooting and slashing but it also shows off that new grappling hook that Lo Wang will be sporting in the third game. You can use it to swing from marked points over obstacles. Looks like it can also pull enemies to you so you can do a bit of slice and dicing. At one point Lo Wang uses the grappling hook to collapse a platform an enemy's on and dump 'em in the drink.

There looks to be lots and lots of grappling, at least in this particular area of the game, so get ready to Spider-Man all over the place then. All the movement seems pretty swish indeed, from grappling, to wall-running, to dashing around the forested mountaintop.

Also included is a full look at the fight with that horrible slinky creature we peeked in the first gameplay trailer and a fight with some gnarly drill-headed palls called the Mogura Twins.

Shadow Warrior 3 is coming to Steam in 2021.

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