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Embracer Group have acquired Shadow Warrior 3 developers and ten other studios

Embracing a lot of new names

Embracer Group, parent company of THQ Nordic and Saber Interactive, have announced their acquisition of 13 companies today, 11 of which are game developers. Among the new acquisitions are Flying Wild Hog, currently developing Shadow Warrior 3, and Phoenix Point developers Snapshot Games.

Of the 13 deals, Embracer Group have acquired some companies directly and some through its subsidiaries. Flying Wild Hog were acquired by Koch Media. Snapshot Games will become a part of Saber Interactive. The remaining nine studios are Silent Games, Coffee Stain North, IUGO Mobile, Purple Lamp Studios, Mad Head Games, 34BigThings, Nimble Giant Entertainment, Zen Studios, and A Thinking Ape Entertainment. Embracer have also acquired PR agency Sandbox Strategies and quality assurance agency Quantic Lab (no, not Quantic Dream).

"Flying Wild Hog has been on our radar for many years because of their talent, but also because of their ability to scale up with consistent high-quality work," says Embracer CEO Lars Wingefors. "Flying Wild Hog will remain independently run by its strong management team within Koch Media, while exploring the benefits from collaboration with the wider Embracer Group." FWH have been purchased for $135.2 million (about £101.6 million).

As for the Phoenix Point developers "Snapshot’s specialty in strategy games makes them a perfect fit in our overall portfolio," says Saber Interactive CEO Matthew Karch. "Last year’s Phoenix Point was a fantastic title that resonated with players and the press, so we look forward to collaborating with them to define the future of this genre." The details of Snapshot's purchase price were not disclosed.

You can find the details on the rest of Embracer's acquisitions on their website.

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