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Everything that happened at the PC Gaming Show 2020

Everything you need to know in one handy, trailer packed list

The PC Gaming Show at notE3 is done and dusted for another year, and boy howdy were there a lot of new PC games to inhale. From Persona 4 Golden to new trailers (and early access release dates) for Ooblets, Torchlight 3 and loads more, there's a lot of ground to cover. If you missed the show or need a refresher of what's coming out and when, then help is at hand, as here's a big list of everything announced at The PC Gaming Show 2020.

And just in case you missed what the Guerrilla Collective had to announce today, be sure to check out every trailer from Day One of the Guerrilla Collective festival right here, as well as all the confirmed PS5 games coming to PC from Sony's big PlayStation showcase the other day. For now, though, here's everything that went down at this year's PC Gaming Show.

Valheim - new trailer

Kicking things off is a brand-new trailer for lo-fi Viking 'em up Valheim. In it, you'll be building a new home, crafting new weapons, hunting deer, slaying monsters, you know, standard Viking stuff. Eventually, you'll be able to build an entire homestead with tonnes of villagers to protect from trolls, skeletons and other mythological nasties. No release date just yet - only "when Odin is pleased".

Ooblets - new trailer and early access release date

We've been hankering for another look at cosy farming, creature collector life sim Ooblets, and boy does this new trailer deliver. Even better, we finally know when it's hitting the Epic Games Store, too. It's hitting early access this summer. Huzzah!

Torchlight 3 - new trailer and early access release date

A brand-new trailer for everyone's favourite upcoming action adventure RPG also revealed that it's out in early access TODAY. As well as a much bigger map than previous games, you can also customise and decorate your own fort in this entry, and there are lots of new pets and classes to get to grips with here, too. You'll be able to explore other players' forts as well, and you can even pet their pets. So if you've been itching for more Torchlight, get thee to Steam.

Elite Dangerous - new expansion trailer

First announced earlier this month, we got a fresh look at Elite Dangerous' upcoming Odyssey expansion today, which will be arriving in early 2021. With new, unique planets to visit (and make your mark on), there will be plenty here for current players to sink their teeth into.

Persona 4 Golden - new game reveal

Yep, it's happened. Sega and Atlus have finally brought Persona to PC - and we've been playing it! Updated with HD graphics and an uncapped frame rate, you can go and check out our thoughts about the PC port of Persona 4 Golden right here.

In Sound Mind - new game reveal

Arriving in 2021, this is a brand new psychological horror game from the creators of celebrated Half-Life 2 mod Nightmare House 2 - and you can play the demo on Steam right now. From the looks of things, it's going to be more Alan Wake than Amnesia: The Dark Descent, but it does have a cute cat you can pet if things get tough. It's launching early next year.

Airborne Kingdom - new trailer

In this gorgeous flying city-builder, you'll be constructing your own city in the sky, managing your airborne buildings and maintaining their altitude while exploring the furthest reaches of the strange land below known only as The Barrens. Coming this autumn to the Epic Games Store, this week you'll be able to pre-order it for $20 instead of its full $25 price.


First announced earlier this year, Pineleaf Studio's brand-new co-op RTS now has a shiny new trailer. With three classes to choose from and the ability to play solo or with friends, this is definitely one to watch for RTS fans when it comes out later this autumn.

Humankind - new trailer and 2021 release date

Humankind may not be arriving until 2021, but you can now play three time-limited scenarios of Amplitude's new historical conquer 'em up. Each one focuses on a different element of the game: exploration, tactical battles and basic city management. If you've been itching to give this a go, you can register for its OpenDev session now.

Icarus - new game reveal

The next title from Dean 'DayZ' Hall, Icarus is new survival game that takes place on a strange alien planet. You'll be 'dropping' in to this planet on timed missions, ranging from 20 minutes to multiple days, and you'll need to accomplish your mission and get back to your ship before the timer runs out. There will be multiple biomes on offer, and a dangerous day / night cycle to take into account, too. If you run out of time, though, then that character and all your progress is gone forever. Will you survive? Only time will tell when it launches as a free-to-play game sometime next year.

Evil Genius 2: World Domination - new trailer

The first gameplay trailer for Rebellion's upcoming Bond villain 'em up, Evil Genius 2: World Domination is looking better than ever. Still no release date, but at least we now have an easy 7-step guide to world domination.

Godfall - new trailer

The first look of Godfall on PC, Gearbox and Counterplay Games' upcoming "looter-slasher" sure looks sharp. Arriving later this year, Godfall will see you traverse the elemental realms of earth, wind, fire and water, ripping and tearing through all manner of creatures.

Prodeus - new game reveal

Ultrakill isn't the only retro shooter coming out soon. There's also Prodeus, which looks to be a bit more traditional than its Ultrakill rival and considerably less hectic. It's coming to early access this autumn.

Fae Tactics - new trailer

Have you ever wished Final Fantasy Tactics was on PC? Well, Fae Tactics is here to scratch that isometric tactics itch. First announced last month, this new tactics game sees you take on the role of young mage Peony as she journeys across a fantasy world to bridge the rift between man and the magical fae. It's coming out this summer.

Carto - new trailer

Carto is a cute puzzle game that sees you helping your fellow villagers by carving up the map of your homeworld to make new connections. We love the look of this game from what we've seen so far, and we can't wait to play more when it comes out later this autumn.

Project Wingman - new trailer

Project Wingman is an upcoming combat flight action game from developer Sector D2. Instead of focusing on the simulation aspect of flight combat, this is like the Forza Horizon of combat flight games as opposed to the Forza Motorsports of this world, focusing on pick up and play action and challenging dogfights. It will be flying onto PC this autumn.

Blankos Block Party - new game reveal

A game about toys coming to life when humans leave the room, this raucous-looking game has big LittleBigPlanet energy. You can build your own levels, customise your own toy characters and play alone or online with friends. Blankos will also be available as physical vinyl toys. At least they look marginally better than Funko Pops. It's launching at the end of the year, but there will be a beta to play before then.

Everspace 2 - new trailer

Hot off the heels of Everspace 2's closed alpha roadmap reveal, we have a new trailer for Rockfish Games' upcoming space shooter. It's coming to early access this December.

Total War Saga: Troy - new trailer

Was the Trojan Horse a real thing? Find out in this newest trailer for Creative Assembly's Total War Saga: Troy. Remember, it will be free for 24 hours when it launches on Epic Games Store on August 13th, so make sure you grab it on release.

Remnant From The Ashes - new trailer

Good news Remnant From The Ashes fans, there's more content on the way. Its final piece of DLC, Subjct 2923 will be arriving on August 20th, you'll be fighting to save the world from the evil Root.

Mafia Definitive Edition - new trailer

You can buy the Mafia Trilogy right now, but the Definitive Edition of the very first Mafia game isn't actually coming out until August 28th. To help plug the gap, we've got a new trailer to oogle over. Rebuilt from the ground-up to make this a full-on remake, we can't wait to play Mafia: Definitive Edition in full.

Rogue Lords - new trailer

Slay The Spire meets Tim Burton, Rogue Lords got a new gameplay trailer. You play as the devil in this card based roguelike, and you'll be leading your team of evil villains to wreak havoc and terror in your name. If things get sticky, you'll be able to utilise your devil powers to alter the rules, too. It's out this October in early access, with a full release due in 2021.

Unexplored 2: The Wayfarer's Legacy - new trailer

A game where every death affects your future playthroughs, Unexplored 2 is a gorgeous cell-shaded hack and slasher. There's a beta coming soon, too, so you'll be able to see what it's all about for yourself shortly.

Among Trees - early access release date

This gorgeous first person survival sandbox sees you setting up a home in a lush, verdant forest, but be careful - there are plenty of horrible beasts out there waiting to chew you up. Will you be able to make a life for yourself without biting off more than you can chew? Well, you can find out right now, as it's just been released in early access on the Epic Games Store. Go forth and enjoy.

Potionomics - new game reveal

First announced in 2017, Potionomics is an RPG shop sim where you play as a debt-ridden young witch trying to make ends meet while running her potion shop. As well as crafting new potions, you'll also be chatting and bartering with customers in your hunt for ever greater profits. No release date just yet, though.

Mortal Shell - new trailer

A new action RPG from a team of veteran game devs, Mortal Shell is about a quest to awaken the souls of defeated warriors - the titular Mortal Shells - so you can inhabit their legendary combat skills. You're not alone on your journey, though, as you'll also be stalked by a strange creature called Hadern throughout the game, so you'll need to keep on your toes or suffer a giant sword to the face. A beta is arriving on July 3rd, with a full release coming later this autumn on the Epic Games Store.

Shadowman: Remastered - new game reveal

N64 game Shadowman is getting the remake treatment for PC. Made by Nightdive (the same devs behind the upcoming System Shock remaster), Shadowman will have support for high resolutions, enhanced gameplay, shinier graphics and improved AI. It will be a while before we can play it, though, as its release date is yet to be announced.

Blightbound - new trailer

Coming to early access later this year, this co-op dungeon crawler will see you take on the horrible Blight. There will be three classes to choose from as you battle hordes of monsters, but you'll all need to work together to solve its puzzles and journey across its three realms. You can play locally or online, too.

Shadows Of Doubt - new trailer

A voxel-based detective sleuth game set in a sci-fi noir city, Shadows Of Doubt looks right up our street. You're tasked with catching a serial killer while keeping as low a profile as possible, but its mix of hand-crafted and procedural gameplay is sure to throw a few spanners in the works along the way. Alas, it may be a while before we can play it, as its release date is still TBA.

Cartel Tycoon - new trailer

Cartel Tycoon is a drug empire business sim set in a fictional country in the late 80s. You're tasked with guiding a drug kingpin to total supremacy. You'll need to manage your business, build new labs and farms and work out how to smuggle your goods to make the most money. It will be sneaking out onto PC later this year.

Trash Sailors - new trailer

A hand-drawn action co-op game with support for up to four players, you take charge of a group of castaways as you try to create the trashiest sailing team possible. It's coming out later this year.

Cris Tales - new trailer and release date

We finally know when this stylish love letter to JRPGs is coming to PC - it's November 17th! So why not enjoy its shiny new trailer to celebrate?

Alaloth: Champions Of The Four Kingdoms - new trailer

This skill-driven action RPG is inspired by classics such as Baldur's Gate and Pillars Of Eternity. In this fantastical isometric world, you'll be fighting to defeat the evil dark god Alaloth (try saying that name five times fast). The game doesn't end after the first playthrough, either, as more modes will be added once you've finished the game for the first time. No firm release date just yet, but it will be arriving on PC before the end of the year.

Weird West - new game reveal

From the co-creatores of Dishonored and Prey comes a new top-down action RPG. Full of familiar immersive sim elements, Weird West looks like the chaotic cousin of Desperadoes 3. There's stealth, gun slinging and... wolf transformations? It's not called the Weird West for nothing. It's coming in 2021, but a demo will be available in the coming months so you can get an early taste of it.

Story Of Seasons: Friends Of Mineral Town - new game reveal

The Harvest Moon classic has sprouted on PC. Take note Stardew fans. This new farming life sim is guaranteed to eat up your life when it arrives on PC on July 14th.

New World - new trailer

Amazon's upcoming MMO is coming to beta on July 23rd (a month before the game's release), which you can gain access to by pre-ordering the game right now. To give you an idea of what to expect, have a watch of its new gameplay trailer.

Twin Mirror - new trailer

It's been a while since we've seen Dontnod's upcoming murder mystery game Twin Mirror, so we're glad to see it resurface with some new footage. Still no firm release date, so we'll just have to make do with this new trailer for the time being.

Metal Hellsinger - new trailer

Slay to the beat in this rhythmic first person shooter. With demons aplenty to slice, dice and shoot in the face, this new shooter will be hitting PC in 2021.

Red Sails - new trailer

Explore the open desert in your trusty boat in this gorgeous exploration game. Alas, no release date just yet, but we can't wait to set out in search of stranded travellers soon.

Surgeon Simulator 2 - new trailer

Everyone's favourite physics-based surgeon sim is back for another run at the operating table. Seriously, who let this maniac back in the building? Well, you must have managed to sneak past the security guard as, yep, you can actually move around this time. In fact, you'll be exploring an entire medical facility in Surgeon Simulator 2, with 12 operations you'll need to perform. There's also a create mode where you'll be able to create your own operating theatres and play with friends. It's arriving this August on the Epic Games Store.

The Outlast Trials - new game reveal

The sequel to horrorfest Outlast, The Outlast Trials now sees you teaming up with your friends to escape a new set of terrors. Set during the Cold War, you and your friends are human guinea pigs for a new set of horrible experiments. It's coming in 2021.

Whatever you call it, hit our E3 2020 tag for more from this summer's blast of gaming announcements, trailers, and miscellaneous marketing. Check out the PC games at the PlayStation 5 show, everything at the PC Gaming Show, and all the trailers from the Xbox showcase, for starters.

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