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Every PC game trailer from the Guerrilla Collective festival

All your new PC gaming news in one giant list

There were a heck of a lot of games showcased at today's Guerrilla Collective Festival, from huge announcements like the early access release date for Baldur's Gate 3 to dozens of new indie games like the Monster Hunter-esque Almighty Kill Your Gods and Gonner 2. So here's a complete list of what went down. Whether you're here for a quite digest or just need a reminder of that cool trailer you liked, here's every game announcement from today's Guerrilla Collective stream.

The Guerrilla Collective is a three-day festival of new PC game announcements, so I'll be updating this article with all the announcements from Day Two and Three as soon as they take place. For now, though, here's everything that happened on Day One - and don't forget to check out all the games on the Guerrilla Collective's Steam page, too.

Every game announced on Day One of Guerrilla Collective (June 13th)


System Shock - new trailer

System Shock 3 might be making its way to the big fiery ball in the sky after news hit that none of its original development team were working on it any more, but Nigthdive's upcoming remake of the first System Shock game is very much alive and kicking. In this new trailer, plenty of horrors await in the glowing hull of its alien-infested spaceship, all set to the chill vibes of some lift music.

Cardaclysm: Shades Of The Four - new game announcement

A new single player collectible card RPG, Cardaclysm will see you traverse a fantastical isometric landscape and fight all manner of demons with your magical deck of cards. A bit like a high-fantasty version of Yu-Gi-Oh, if you will. If that sounds like your bag, then you'll be pleased to hear it's coming to Steam in early access later this summer.

Uragun - new trailer and early access release date

In Ura Gun's new pre-alpha gameplay trailer, we get a closer look at its top-down shoot 'em up action. You'll be blasting all manner of nasties in your bipedal mecha machine, and we can't wait to play more. Luckily, it's coming to early access sometime between July and September later this year.

Exo One - new trailer

Exo One and its infinite ball rolling looks well chill, doesn't it? As you glide, roll and launch yourself through the sky, under the waves and up toward the heavens, you'll be half-piping your way across the landscape to propel yourself to ever greater heights. First revealed a couple of years ago, Exo One will finally be getting released later this year.

Almighty Kill Your Gods - new game reveal

Made by Runwild Entertainment, Almighty Kill Your Gods is a team-based action game that's one part Monster Hunter, one part tower-defence. As well as hunting giant monsters either alone or online with friends, you'll also be taking down huge gods as you run, leap and fly across this fantastical, reactive landscape. That's not all, though, as you'll also be rebuilding and defending your home land from invading monsters. No release date yet, but I'm 100% here for it.

Roki - new trailer and release date

In this new trailer for lovely point and click adventure Roki, we get a deeper look at Tove's past and how you'll be exploring her childhood memories to find out more about the game's mythical monsters. Even better, we got a firm release date for it. It's coming July 23rd. Rejoice!

Genesis Noir - new dev interview

Genesis Noir has been cropping up at game shows for a while now, but this new dev chat talked about some of its inspirations, such as the film The Third Man and jazz musicians such as Sun Ra and Miles Davis, as well as giving us another look at its stylish gameplay. It's coming sometime this autumn.

Doors of Insanity - new game reveal

Doors Of Insanity is a new card deck battler that has big Darkest Dungeon energy. Only this time you're fighting your way through purgatory in order to reach the pearly gates of paradise, provided you can fight your way through its hordes of demons, imps and the undead with your magical deck of cards, that is. No release date yet, but it will be coming soon to early access.

A Juggler's Tale - new trailer

We got a glimpse of A Juggler's Tale a couple of days ago during the Escapist Indie Showcase, but today's trailer gave us another look at this intriguing side-scrolling puppet adventure. Imagine Little Nightmares but in a big open forest and fewer horrifying giants looking to eat you and you' It's coming in 2021.

Lake - new trailer

In this late 80s mail 'em up, you play as Meredith Weiss, who's taking a break from her high-powered job in the city to come and deliver the mail to the residents of her hometown in gorgeous Providence Oaks. Take note, Hideo Kojima, this is how you do a proper postal sim. No firm release date at the moment, but it will be trundling onto PC before the end of the year.

Boyfriend Dungeon - new trailer

Boyfriend Dungeon's been on my radar ever since I played a demo of it back at PAX East 2019, and we finally get a new look at this dating sim dungeon crawler mash-up where the aim of the game is to get up, close and personal with your weapons. After all, there is no greater love than what goes on between you and your sword. Still no release date yet, but hopefully it won't be too long before we're able to play the final game.

Colt Canyon - new trailer and release date

If the tactical subtleties of Desperadoes 3 looks too rich for your blood, then Colt Canyon's got you covered with its frenetic gunfights and dynamite-tastic action. You'll be able to play alone or team up with friends online, too. Even better, it's out in just a few days time on June 16th.

Baldur's Gate 3 - new trailer and early access release date

If you've been itching to get another look at Baldur's Gate 3, this trailer looks proper swish it does, and we've even got a release date for it, too. It's heading to early access (probably) in August. A date that caveated with a big "Maybe" due to Covid 19, but Larian say they're confident they're still going to hit their August deadline. It mostly depends on how quickly they can get their motion capture done, but the new trailer and community update shows some lovely visual upgrades since the last trailer as well as refinements to its combat system and narration system. But you don't have to wait until August to get another look at the game, as Larian will also be doing another live gameplay demo on June 18th at Dungeons and Dragons Live.

Disco Elysium - now on Epic

Everyone's favourite RPG is now on the Epic Games Store. Huzzah.

West Of Dead - new trailer and release date

Starring the vocal talents of Ron Perlman, this stylish top down shooter from Raw Fury is looking devilishly handsome these days. Even better, it's coming out real soon - in five days time on June 18th, in fact, so buckle up pardner. It's gunslingin' time.

Dwarf Fortress - new trailer

We've known for some time that Dwarf Fortress is getting a fancy overhaul, but this new trailer has given us our best look yet at what it's all going to look like. In this in-depth developer walkthrough, Dwarf Fortress dev Tarn Adams showed off some of its new graphics and early artwork. There's more to come, too, including more personalised dwarves and a refined UI, so watch this space.

Valheim - new trailer

In this new Viking 'em up, you'll be building a new home, crafting new weapons, hunting deer, slaying monsters... you know, standard Viking stuff. Eventually, you'll be able to build an entire homestead with tonnes of villagers to protect from trolls, skeletons and other mythological nasties, too.

Ultrakill - new trailer

If Amid Evil and Dusk got your blood pumping for retro FPS games again, then cast your eyes on the dizzying speed of Ultrakill. With a grading system not unlike Devil May Cry, you'll be working to chain bullet after bullet to reach the perfect Ultrakill. No release date just yet, but you can play the free demo right now ahead of its summer launch window.

Frostpunk - new expansion trailer and board game

If you just can't get enough of grim survival city builder Frostpunk, then the good news is that more of it's on the way. There's a new expansion called On The Edge coming this summer, which will be set after the main game. You'll face new challenges in the city and on the world map, but 11bit wouldn't say any more. They did, however, reveal that Frostpunk will be going offline in a brand-new board game, with a Kickstarer coming this autumn.

Fights In Tight Spaces - new trailer

Imagine Superhot, but as an isometric card battler. That's Fights In Tight Spaces in a nutshell, where you'll be punching, elbowing and biffing your way to freedom one room at a time. Alas, no release date at the moment, but we'll just have to content ourselves with its super stylish trailer in the mean time.

Liberated - new trailer

Coming to PC in July 2020, Liberated is an action adventure set inside a graphic novel. Explore its cyberpunk setting where human rights are being eroded and destroyed everywhere you look, and solve its puzzles as you search for justice.

Gestalt: Steam and Cinder - new trailer

If you long for the Castlevania days of yore, then Gestalt: Steam And Cinder is the 2D action whip-swinging game for you. The pixel art trailer looks gorgeous and we can't wait to play the full game later this year.

Swim Sanity - new trailer

Pfft. Four player co-op games on land are so last season. In Swim Sanity, it's all about blasting things underwater, and its new gameplay trailer looks proper raucous. Coming this summer, you'll be able to get a taste of what Swim Sanity has to offer in its upcoming Steam demo.

No Place For Bravery - new trailer

Another gorgeous pixel art top-down action RPG, No Place For Bravery will see you journey across the corpses of huge gods and do battle with evil demons as you fight to save your daughter Leaf. I love what I've seen in this new trailer, and I'm super looking forward to playing it when it comes out in early 2021.

Metal Hellsinger - new trailer

Slay to the beat in this rhythmic first person shooter. With demons aplenty to slice, dice and shoot in the face, this new shooter will be hitting PC in 2021.

Gonner 2 - new game reveal

Surprise! Indie side-scrolling shooter Gonner is getting a sequel! Coming in 2020, unlikely hero Ikk will be helping Death to reclaim her home from a strange new presence. Make sure you don't lose your head when this procedurally-generated platformer arrives later this year.

Just Die Already - new trailer

When your game trailer begins with "Hideo Kojima, please unblock my number", you know things are going to get weird. And so they did in Just Die Already's crab-laden reveal video for their upcoming old people mayhem sandbox. A fitting end to Day One of the Guerrilla Collective? I'm gonna stop typing now.

Whatever you call it, hit our E3 2020 tag for more from this summer's blast of gaming announcements, trailers, and miscellaneous marketing. Check out the PC games at the PlayStation 5 show, everything at the PC Gaming Show, and all the trailers from the Xbox showcase, for starters.

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