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Dell's 1440p 240Hz Alienware monitor is back to £550

Equalling the best price we've ever seen, and this time from Dell direct.

The Dell Alienware AW2721D is one of our top recommended monitors, sitting right in the emerging 1440p 240Hz sweet spot preferred by players of fast-paced shooters and racing titles. Right now, the monitor has returned to the lowest price we've ever seen for it, £550, down from a nominal RRP of over £800.

It's a great value for a monitor that uses one of LG's popular Fast IPS panels to great effect, combining the motion handling of TN screens with the colours and viewing angles of IPS. It also meets the DisplayHDR 600 specification, meaning the monitor actually gets bright enough to make HDR content really look special - unlike so-called 'HD-Aren't' monitors that can accept an HDR signal but look the same or worse with HDR engaged.

We briefly covered this monitor the last time it was reduced a few weeks back, but if you missed that deal then we should mention why we rate it so highly for fans of FPS and other fast-paced games. Basically, the 240Hz refresh rate offers a noticeable improvement to motion clarity over more ordinary 144Hz monitors, while the 27-in screen fits the 1440p resolution perfectly. This is a great balance between the extra detail that 1440p provides over 1080p without the extreme GPU constraints that you get with 4K gaming.

I recently switched to a similar-specced monitor - the Samsung Odyssey G7 - and so far I'm really loving it, as I have a sharp screen for slower-paced games and work while still having that option for 240Hz in competitive games like Valorant and Counter-Strike. I went for the 32-in model as that's what was reduced at the time, which has its advantages but text appears noticeably less crisp than on a 27-in display - so I don't feel bad about recommending this 27-in model to you all now!

In short, this is a strong, well-reviewed monitor at a historic low price, so do consider picking it up if you can make use of its higher refresh rate over the standard 1440p 144Hz spec.

If you found this useful, do let me know in the comments below, and if not, then do share what you are looking for in the comments too! I'm always looking to improve the selection of deals that I share with you, as it helps no one if I'm going on about high refresh rate monitors and everyone's after external hard drives, unicorn horns or gaming beanbag chairs. Thanks, and I'll catch you on the next one!

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