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New World Voidmetal: how to find, mine, and craft with Voidmetal in New World

New World's rare Voidmetal crafting resource explained

What is Voidmetal used for in New World, and where can you find it? Voidmetal is one of New World's high-end crafting materials, used in the recipes for some of the game's best weapons, armor, and other desirable items.

Voidmetal can be elusive, so read on below for advice on how to find it and how to increase your yield when mining for it.

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How to find Voidmetal in New World

Voidmetal is very similar to Fae Iron in that it doesn't spawn independently. Rather, it is an extremely rare drop when mining from Iron Ore veins.

Furthermore, Voidmetal only has a chance of dropping if your Mining skill is high enough to allow you to excavate Tier 3 metals — so it should become available to you at around skill level 45-50.

Iron Ore is common in mountainous areas, so if you want a chance of snagging yourself some Voidmetal, begin by heading for high ground. Below you can see a screenshot taken from the incomparable New World Map website, showing Aeternum's main Iron Ore spawn hotspots:

New World map showing lots of iron vein sources

There is one alternative source of Voidmetal in New World: defeated Tundra Elementals have a chance of dropping Voidmetal if your Mining skill is above 100. This isn't as efficient a method as mining in the more traditional way, of course, but it's worth knowing about all the same.

How to improve your Mining Luck

To increase your Voidmetal yield when mining, you can equip a Starmetal Miner's Charm to give your character a Mining Luck Perk, which boosts their chances of gathering rare materials.

There are also certain foods — namely, dishes containing potato — that temporarily buff Mining Luck as well:

  • Boiled Potatoes
  • Herb-Roasted Potatoes
  • Poultry with Roasted Potatoes
  • Roasted Potatoes
  • Salted Roasted Vegetables

Voidmetal crafting recipes in New World

As we said at the top of this page, Voidmetal is a resource you're unable to gather in any great quantities until quite late in the game, and the items you can craft with it are correspondingly impressive. Here are all the ones we've found so far — we'll keep this page updated with more as we learn them:

Voidmetal Weapon recipes

  • Balanced Blade (rare rapier)
  • Calamity (rare musket)
  • Corrupted Life Staff (rare life staff)
  • Corrupted Remnant (rare hatchet)
  • Crow's Nest (rare hatchet)
  • Crystalline Crusher (uncommon war hammer)
  • Deceit of the Defiler (rare rapier)
  • Defender of Darkness (rare war hammer)
  • The First of Many (rare sword)
  • Gaia's Whim (rare life staff)
  • Great Axe of the Colossal Breach (rare great axe)
  • Last Light (rare spear)
  • Musket of the Corrupted Guardian (rare musket)
  • Tidal Reaver (rare sword)
  • Tipping Point (rare great axe)
  • Spread of Malice (rare spear)

That's all we know about Voidmetal for now, but why not take a look at our guide to finding Azoth, another of Aeternum's most powerful resources? Or check out our best New World character builds page, where we suggest character builds to suit a variety of playstyles.

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