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New World unstuck: how to get unstuck in New World

If your character ever gets stuck in New World, here's the solution

Desperate to find out how to get unstuck in New World? It's always a good thing when developers add an "unstuck" feature into their game - particularly a sprawling MMORPG like New World where getting your character stuck in bits of landscape is more common than you might think. Fortunately, it is possible to get unstuck in New World, and this quick walkthrough will explain how to do it.

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How to unstuck in New World

If your character in New World ever gets stuck at any point and you can't wiggle them out yourself, there's a very simple fix: the "unstuck" command. Using this command will teleport your character a very short distance to a nearby free space. There are two ways to do this, and I'll explain them both below. It's very simple, don't worry.

The easiest way to get unstuck in New World is to hit ESC to bring up the game menu, then click the "Unstuck" button at the top of the menu, under the "Game" section. Incidentally, another way to teleport would be to use the "Recall to Inn" button, which will fast travel you to the Inn you checked in at.

Another way to get unstuck in New World is to hit Enter to bring up the chat box, and then type the following command:


Then hit Enter again to send the command. Doing this will have exactly the same effect as clicking the "Unstuck" button in the game menu, so use whichever method you're most comfortable with.

It's worth bearing in mind that getting unstuck doesn't mean you're safe from nearby dangers - in fact, the unstuck command doesn't seem to take into account nearby dangers at all. It's purely about getting you back to a space of land where you can freely move about again, so you'd best be careful using it when enemies are nearby. At the very least you may want to have your weapon of choice at the ready.

That's the topic of getting unstuck in New World nicely covered. If you're looking for more advice for new players, your first port of call should be our New World tips and tricks page. Alternatively, if you want to plan out your character a bit more, we have in-depth guides on the best New World builds, the best armour in the game, and even some powerful New World leveling methods to try out.

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