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Minecraft's The Wild Update will add excellent frogs after Caves & Cliffs

Plus the Deep Dark biome will be later than expected

With Minecraft's Caves & Cliffs part 2 nearly upon us, Mojang have revealed the next big update that will follow it. Named The Wild Update, it'll focus on enhancing some of the existing areas we can explore and, importantly, adding colourful frogs! They'll arrive with the new Mangrove Swamp biome, along with tadpoles, fireflies and more. The Wild Update will also introduce the Deep Dark biome, which was supposed to arrive with Caves & Cliffs, but needed a little more time in the oven.

The Deep Dark biome and its creepy inhabitant, The Warden, were set to arrive with Caves & Cliffs part 2, but as the project got larger, Mojang say they decided to push it back to prioritise the team's health and give themselves more time.

During today's Minecraft Live, we got our first proper look at the Deep Dark, which will exist way down in the deepest parts of your Minecraft world, underneath all the usual caves you can explore. It will have cities from ruined civilisations, all overgrown with the new Sculk blocks, which emit little signals when they detect nearby movement.

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Down in the creepy depths of Deep Dark, players will also find the Warden. It's a blind mini-boss that will attack and follow players and mobs that make sounds and vibrations. It seems like the sort of creature you want to sneak around and avoid, rather than try to fight. Just sneak quietly, I suppose.

On the more friendly side, The Wild Update will also add frogs! At 2019's Minecraft Live, fans voted for frogs, mangroves and boats with chests to be added to Minecraft, and now they're finally on the way. Frogs will start life as wriggly little tadpoles, and when they grow up, they'll turn into a specific colour variant of frog depending on the temperature of the biome they're in. The devs say that each colour variant will do something different, though they're still working on the details right now.

Mojang are also adding fireflies for the frogs to chomp on, as well as the mangrove trees and the Mangrove Swamp biome. Players will also be able to find mud blocks which you can turn into mud bricks. Finally, no more dirt huts for me. We're levelling up to mud mansions.

The Wild Update is still a ways off, so there's no date on it just yet. We still have Caves & Cliffs part 2 to come sometime this year anyways.

Check out our Minecraft Live tag to catch up on more of today's announcements.

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