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Apex Legends CAR SMG stats [Season 11]

How strong is the CAR compared to other SMGs in Apex Legends?

Looking for up-to-date and accurate CAR SMG stats for Apex Legends? The CAR is Season 11's addition to the Apex Legends weapons arsenal, and it's got a very impressive array of stats to show off. But what's truly unique about the CAR is its ability to use both Heavy and Light Ammo, and toggle between them at the touch of a button.

Keep reading for an in-depth look at the CAR SMG in Apex Legends, along with detailed stats covering everything from damage profiles and shots to kill to reload times and attachment slots.

Apex Legends CAR overview

The CAR (Combat Advanced Round) SMG is the fifth SMG to be added to Apex Legends, and it sets itself apart from the others with its versatility. Season 11's addition to the weapons pool has the unique ability to toggle between Heavy and Light ammo, giving you much more leniency when it comes to ammo reserves and inventory management than with other similar weapons. There's absolutely no difference between shots fired with Heavy or Light ammo: the damage, fire rate, ballistics, visuals, and audio are all identical.

Overall the CAR looks to be a very strong SMG with a very high fire rate (though not quite as fast as the R-99) and fairly decent damage too. Together this gives the CAR SMG the highest damage-per-second of any full-auto weapon in the game, minus the Devotion (and Rampart's Minigun if you want to get pedantic about it). The downside is that you'll need to contend with fairly strong side-to-side recoil, so a Barrel Stabilizer is a must-have on the CAR.

In addition, the CAR can take either a Heavy or a Light Extended Magazine in its Mag attachment slot. They act identically, and do not constrain you to a particular ammo type - you can still switch between Heavy and Light ammo on the fly. It's just a nice extra way to add some versatility to the gun, because it increases your chances of finding the right loot to upgrade your CAR and take it into the endgame.

Apex Legends CAR stats

  • Weapon Type: SMG
  • Ammo: Heavy and Light
  • Firing Modes: Full-Auto (Heavy), Full-Auto (Light)
  • Attachment Slots: Barrel, Stock, Optic, Mag (Heavy OR Light)
  • Mag Size: 20/22/24/27

CAR damage stats:

  • Damage (Head/Body/Leg): 20/13/10
  • RPM: 930
  • Body DPS: 202
  • Body Shots To Kill: 8/12/14/16
  • Fortified Body Shots To Kill: 10/14/16/19

CAR handling stats:

  • Tactical Reload Time: 1.7s/1.64s/1.59s/1.53s
  • Empty Reload Time: 2.13s/2.06s/1.99s/1.92s
  • ADS Movement Speed: 85%

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