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Apex Legends Mastiff stats

View our up-to-date stats on the Mastiff in Apex Legends

When it comes to close-quarters combat in Apex Legends, the Mastiff Shotgun used to have no equal. But after Season 5, the Mastiff saw its first ever significant change, bringing it out of Care Packages and into the world as regular loot - along with some according nerfs to its power. How powerful is it now as we head through Season 11? Our Apex Legends Mastiff guide will show you how to make the most of this close-quarters shotgun.

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Apex Legends Mastiff overview

For a long time, the Mastiff was only available from rare supply drops, and couldn't be found as regular world loot. But all that has long-since changed, and the Mastiff is one of the go-to shotguns in the eyes of many an Apex Legends player. Devastating at extremely close range, the Mastiff is nonetheless a challenging gun to use correctly thanks to its bizarre horizontal line spread pattern, which nearly guarantees that not all of your pellets will hit. Because of this, many players have historically opted for a Peacekeeper or an EVA-8 over the Mastiff; but the Mastiff still packs just about the mightest punch of them all.

The arrival of Season 11 also gave the Mastiff some love with the addition of the Dual Shell Hop-Up, which once attached to the Mastiff allows you to reload two shells at a time instead of just one. This gives the Mastiff a slight niche in the shotgun loot pool which may give players another reason to use it over the others.

The below sections go through just about every statistic that might be useful to know about the Mastiff Shotgun in Apex Legends. The first gives basic stats, the second focuses on damage, and the third section displays various handling stats for the Mastiff.

Apex Legends Mastiff stats

  • Weapon Type: Shotgun
  • Ammo: Shotgun Shells
  • Firing Modes: Single
  • Attachment Slots: Bolt, Optic, Hop-Up
  • Hop-Up: Dual Shell
  • Mag Size: 6

Mastiff damage stats

  • Damage (Body/Head/Leg): 88/112/88
  • Pellets: 8, Horizontal Line Pattern
  • Per Pellet: 11/14/11
  • RPM: 66
  • Body DPS: 96.8
  • Body Shots To Kill: 2/2/3/3/3
  • Fortified Body Shots To Kill: 2/3/3/3/4
  • Projectile Speed: 12,000

Mastiff handling stats

  • Tactical Reload Time: 1.03s
  • Empty Reload Time: 1.70s
  • Draw Time: 0.45s
  • ADS Movement Speed: 91%

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