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Best Apex Legends characters [Season 7]: Legend tier list, abilities, and tips

Which are the best Apex Legends characters in Season 7?

Want to know the best Apex Legends characters heading into Season 7? There's never been a better time to get stuck into this hero-based battle royale now that there are 15 Legends to choose from, each with their own unique skillset, and each one can be used to lead your team to victory. But despite this, we've still managed to put together our own tier list of the best Apex Legends characters and abilities in Season 7, with write-ups on the strengths and weaknesses of every Legend.

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Apex Legends characters overview

The Apex Legends characters are the lifeblood of Respawn's battle royale. You enter each match with one or two teammates, and you must all work together if you want any chance of succeeding. Every character in Apex Legends has a different set of abilities: a Passive (always active), a Tactical (activateable on a short cooldown), and an Ultimate (which you must charge up over time in order to activate).

Some Legends may also have secondary Passive abilities, such as Fortified and Low Profile. These secondary abilities serve to balance the fact that each character also has a unique hitbox, which means some Legends are easier to hit with your shots than others.

Legend tier list: best Apex Legends characters

Below is our Legend tier list, ranging from S-Tier to C-Tier, of all 15 Apex Legends characters in Season 7. Bear in mind that even the Legends in the lowest tier can easily win fights and matches with a skilled player.

S TierLifeline, Pathfinder, Wraith
A TierBangalore, Bloodhound, Caustic, Horizon
B TierGibraltar, Crypto, Loba, Mirage, Octane
C TierRampart, Revenant, Wattson

Let's now take a closer look at each Legend in turn. Be sure to follow the links to head to our individual guides on each of the characters, as they are packed with useful tips for every single ability.

A screenshot of Horizon from the Apex Legends Season 7 trailer.


Horizon is the newest Legend added with Season 7 of Apex, and while her Ultimate ability leaves quite a lot to be desired, the combination of her Passive and Tactical abilities gives her a startling amount of mobility and a deceptively high skill ceiling.

The key to Horizon is proper use of her low-cooldown Gravity Lift tactical. The possibilities here are many: you can gain high ground on an enemy, use it as an escape, or even just strafe around inside the lift and heal while you're almost impossible to hit. It's too early to say that Horizon is a top-tier Legend, but she certainly has a lot of potential.

For full details and tips, check out our Horizon guide!


Bloodhound is my main, and I consider them to have the very best recon-based abilities. Their Tactical ability is a long-range conical scan which highlights enemies through walls and tracks them for a short while, lending your team tremendous knowledge which can let you make the best possible decisions.

Bloodhound also has a great mobility option in their Ultimate, which gives them increased speed for a while, and turns the world greyscale and enemies red, making it easier to see threats. Overall, a fantastically powerful and very popular Legend with unparalleled enemy positional awareness when it counts.

For full details and tips, check out our Bloodhound guide!


Gibraltar used to be at the bottom of the above Legend tier list, but now his tankiness makes him quite an appealing character to play. His Passive Gun Shield augments his already tanky frame, allowing him to withstand significantly more punishment than any other Legend. His Tactical and Ultimate may look like opposites (defensive vs offensive), but they're actually both powerful tools for controlling the battleground.

You have to expect to get shot a lot as Gibraltar thanks to your relatively huge hitbox size, but your Passives should keep you alive long enough to change the outcome of a fight with your other abilities.

For full details and tips, check out our Gibraltar guide!

Promotional art of Lifeline, one of the characters in Apex Legends.


Lifeline is one of the most powerful characters in Apex Legends, full stop. While she lacks any kind of mobility (and therefore should be paired with someone like Wraith, Octane, Pathfinder, or Horizon), each of her abilities can completely change the outcome of a fight or a match.

The single best thing about Lifeline is that her drone can revive teammates, leaving Lifeline free to defend. While reviving, the drone also projects an invulnerable forcefield in front of itself, which Lifeline herself can hide behind while she fights to keep her team alive.

For full details and tips, check out our Lifeline guide!


Pathfinder is my least favourite Legend to play against, because his hitbox makes him so damn difficult to land shots on - even after the hitbox size was increased for Season 7. Add to this Pathfinder's Grappling Hook Tactical, which skilled players can use to launch themselves at high speeds, and it can be extremely difficult to pin down a Pathfinder long enough to finish them.

Add to this a powerful team repositioning tool in Pathfinder's Ultimate, and you've got a top-tier Legend, no question.

For full details and tips, check out our Pathfinder guide!


Wraith follows a similar pattern to Pathfinder in her Tactical and Ultimate abilities. Her Tactical is great for repositioning and avoiding damage for herself, and her Ultimate is a potential game-saving mobility tool that can be used by the whole team. She also has an extremely diminutive hitbox which makes it very difficult to hit her, particularly if she's hipfiring with a Wingman and strafing side-to-side at high speed.

Wraith has always been a favourite Legend for streamers and pro players for these reasons, and despite her Low Profile perk she is absolutely a top-tier Legend in Season 7.

For full details and tips, check out our Wraith guide!

A screenshot of Bangalore during one of her finishing moves in an Apex Legends match.


Bangalore is a well-rounded Legend which I'd suggest new players learn first. Her Passive gives her a boost of speed when she is under fire, which can help you avoid significant damage and find cover if you're caught out in the open.

Meanwhile, her Smoke Canisters have a very high skill ceiling and can save your life - as long as your enemy doesn't have a Digital Threat optic on their weapon - and her Ultimate is great for zoning large areas around you and delivering high damage to enemy teams that don't react quickly.

For full details and tips, check out our Bangalore guide!


Caustic is one of the most unpleasant Legends to go up against in a confined area (anywhere indoors, basically). His abilities all revolve around the use of Nox Gas, a powerful poison which delivers high damage over time to enemies within the area of effect.

His toolkit is built around fortifying positions, much like Wattson. But unlike Wattson, Caustic is also Fortified himself, giving him increased tankiness which offsets the disadvantage of his large hitbox.

For full details and tips, check out our Caustic guide!


Mirage is the trickiest Apex Legends character by far, and with Season 7 his decoys have never been more convincing. With his Tactical he has a short-cooldown decoy which copies his moves exactly, and if an enemy shoots the decoy instead of the real Mirage, then that enemy's location is revealed to Mirage's entire team.

His Ultimate is even stronger, sending decoys out in all directions which again mirror his movements, disorienting a team in close quarters and cloaking Mirage, giving him time to escape a near inescapable situation. Overall, not the strongest Legend but one of the hardest to finish off.

For full details and tips, check out our Mirage guide!

A screenshot of Octane striking a pose in an Apex Legends trailer.


Octane has near-unrivalled mobility. His Stim Tactical is an infinitely spammable speed boost at the cost of some health, which is quickly regenerated thanks to Octane's newly-buffed Passive health regeneration effect. His Ultimate, Launch Pad, is one of the shortest-cooldown team repositioning tools available, and offers everyone who bounces on it a double-jump to gain some serious distance.

Octane is a great Legend for all those who like to constantly appear in a different place every time they show their face to an enemy team.

For full details and tips, check out our Octane guide!


Wattson is the ultimate turtler. She excels at fortifying a location, particularly an indoor location, thanks to her flexible and highly dangerous electrical fences which damage and slow enemies that pass through them. Her Interception Pylon also provides protection against incoming thrown projectiles, and is by far the strongest counter to Apex Legends's grenade spam meta.

She is less popular with highly skilled players because she offers no tool for helping to take out teams quickly. But for those who want to focus on defence, there's no one better for the role - particularly when combined with Caustic's Nox Gas Traps.

For full details and tips, check out our Wattson guide!


Crypto is a wonderfully unique take on the recon/scout Legend skillset. His abilities revolve around his Tactical, which allows him to send out and directly pilot a drone that highlights enemies for the entire team. From this drone he can also initiate with his Ultimate, which detonates a shield-destroying EMP in a large area around the drone's location.

The major downside to Crypto (and the reason I favour Bloodhound for Duos) is that while piloting the drone, Crypto himself is out of action and unable to help in a firefight. But if you can juggle the responsibilities of Crypto and his drone correctly, he can become an extremely powerful force on the battlefield.

For full details and tips, check out our Crypto guide!

A screenshot of Revenant's face from an Apex Legends trailer.


Revenant is a pretty terrifying Legend on paper, and he can still be used to great effect thanks mainly to his Tactical ability, which silences the abilities of all enemy Legends in its area of effect. Not only this, but the Tactical also affects the screen and vision of those affected, in a similar way to how Caustic's Nox Gas once blurred player vision before Season 7.

Revenant's slender frame also leads to some difficulty landing shots, much like Pathfinder (though not nearly as bad). But his Ultimate has one or two too many caveats to be considered game-changing in most cases, leaving his skillset lacking the potential it needs to be a top-tier character in Apex Legends.

For full details and tips, check out our Revenant guide!


Loba is another Legend with a few too many caveats in her skillset - but I still heartily enjoy playing as her. The ability to see purple and gold loot through solid objects is lovely, but - particularly in the late game and small circles - her Ultimate can be exactly what your team needs to turn a loss into a win, allowing your teammates and yourself to steal valuable loot from all nearby sources.

Her teleport is a great distancing tool, but too many players use it without realising how visible it is, and how much it locks you out of shooting and acting both before and after the teleport. This hampers an otherwise very promising set of abilities.

For full details and tips, check out our Loba guide!


Rampart was Season 6's addition to the Apex Legends roster, and - following the trend of new Legends before her - she has one or two problems with her abilities. Mainly, her Ultimate, which deploys a powerful turret that unfortunately takes an age to get to the point where you're ready to fire, and is fairly easy for enemies to destroy anyway.

What makes Rampart powerful is her Tactical, which deploys a wall that acts both as a bullet sponge for avoiding damage, and a damage boost for your own team, amping shots that are fired through it from the deployed side. These walls can also be used to block doors, lending some Wattson-esque functionality.

For full details and tips, check out our Rampart guide!

That should be enough to get you better acquainted with all the Apex Legends characters as we head into Season 7; but as time goes on we'll be sure to update this and all the other pages with the latest strategies and stats. So check back soon! In the meantime, why not check out our Apex Legends Olympus map guide, or peruse the weapon stats and gun tier list in our Apex Legends guns & weapons guide?

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