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Best Apex Legends guns: Season 14 gun tier list and weapon stats

Ranking the best guns in Apex Legends with full Season 14 weapon stats

What are the best guns to use in Apex Legends Season 14? It's been a couple of seasons now since the last new weapon was introduced into Respawn's frenetic Battle Royale, but the devs keep on making tweaks and adjustments each season to help round out (or shake up) the meta as they see fit. There's a total of 28 weapons all battling for dominance in Season 14, and they can all be used to win a match if you land your shots - but we know you. You want the best.

Below you'll find our tier list of the best Apex Legends guns for Season 14, along with detailed stat tables and profiles on every weapon in the game. So if you're looking to gain a proper understanding of how the different guns stack up against one another with the latest changes in place, you're in the right place.

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Apex Legends best guns tier list

Here's our Apex Legends weapon tier list for Season 14:

  • Top Tier: Bocek Bow, Flatline, Kraber, R-301 Carbine, R-99, Wingman
  • A-Tier: CAR, Havoc, Mastiff, Peacekeeper, Rampage, Spitfire, Volt
  • B-Tier: Alternator, Charge Rifle, G7 Scout, Havoc, Hemlok, Mozambique, Sentinel
  • C-Tier: 30-30 Repeater, Devotion, L-Star, Longbow, Prowler
  • D-Tier: P2020, EVA-8, RE-45, Triple Take

There's a lot of nuance to the different guns in Apex Legends. Sometimes a gun might be pretty underwhelming until it receives a certain attachment, after which it becomes one of the best guns in the game. So take this tier list with a pinch of salt, but if you're a newer player then let this tier list inform your decisions until you know enough to make more nuanced choices.

Apex Legends weapon stats

Below you'll find tables of up-to-date weapon stats for all the different types of Apex Legends guns.

Note: Damage is given in the form of Head DMG/Body DMG/Leg DMG in the below tables, and in the Reload column you'll see speeds for both non-empty and empty reloads.

Assault Rifles - Apex Legends weapon stats

Name Ammo Damage DPS RPM Mag Size Reload
R-301 Carbine Light 25/14/11 190 816 18/20/25/28 2.4s/3.2s
Flatline Heavy 32/18/14 180 600 20/25/28/30 2.4s/3.1s
Havoc Energy 32/18/14 198 672 24/28/32/36 3.2s/3.2s
Hemlok Heavy 35/20/15 214 643 18/24/27/30 2.4s/2.85s

R-301 Carbine (S-Tier)

Consistency is an important trait when you're picking which gun to take with you into the late-game of Apex Legends. And with its high rate of fire, accuracy, and reliability over pretty much any range, the R-301 Carbine still just barely ekes out a victory against the Flatline for the best Assault Rifle in Apex Legends.

Flatline (S-Tier)

Don't let the Flatline's comparatively low DPS fool you: this is absolutely an S-Tier gun. It hits hard, and it doesn't take a barrel so it's very easy to learn the recoil pattern. A fantastic all-rounder that shreds when you land your shots.

Havoc (B-Tier)

Poor hipfire accuracy and reliance on finding a Turbocharger to reach its full potential just about keep the powerful Havoc out of the top tiers. But this gun his harder than almost any other mid-range weapon, and that alone can win you a fight.

Hemlok (B-Tier)

If you can get used to a burst-fire weapon, the Hemlok shreds. It's accurate, flexible, and boasts the highest DPS of any Assault Rifle. Unfortunately it's just a little too hard to use, and that makes it less consistent and therefore lower-tier overall than the other Assault Rifles.

SMGs - Apex Legends weapon stats

Name Ammo Damage DPS RPM Mag Size Reload
Volt Energy 23/15/13 180 720 19/21/23/26 1.6s/2.25s
CAR Light/Heavy 20/13/10 202 930 20/22/24/27 1.7s/2.13s
R-99 Light 17/11/9 198 1,080 20/22/24/27 1.8s/2.45s
Prowler Heavy 23/15/12 171 685 20/25/30/35 2.0s/2.6s
Alternator Light 24/16/13 160 600 19/22/25/27 1.9s/2.23s

Volt (A-Tier)

The Volt's claim to fame has always been its high accuracy. This powerful Energy-based SMG can be used at mid-range very happily. With Season 14 it's once again part of floor loot instead of confined to the Supply Drop, so expect to see lots of players using this tremendously reliable SMG going forward.

CAR (A-Tier)

The newest addition to the SMGs roster, the CAR has marginally higher DPS than the R-99, and some nice flexibility with regard to taking both Light and Heavy ammo. Its only downside is that it's the least accurate of the SMGs and it doesn't take a barrel attachment, so hipfire accuracy will always be the same no matter what.

R-99 (S-Tier)

The R-99 is one of the most popular guns in Apex, and has been since the beginning. Its phenomenal rate of fire more than makes up for its low damage-per-shot, and for those who can control its substantial recoil, it absolutely shreds. With Season 14 we're putting it just above the CAR in the tier list because with a Laser Sight, the R-99 is ridiculously accurate in hipfire mode.

Prowler (C-Tier)

The Prowler's five-shot burst makes it a challenging gun to use in the heat of the moment, but land those five shots and you've dealt a stunning amount of damage in a very short space of time. It's essentially the Hemlok made into an SMG. It's a strong gun for sure, but I don't think it really competes very well against the other SMGs out there.

Alternator (B-Tier)

The Alternator takes after the Volt - lower damage, but higher accuracy. Despite its more modest damage, it's still a very formidable weapon which is wrongfully overlooked by much of the playerbase. If the Prowler is the Hemlok of SMGs, the Alternator is the equivalent of the Flatline.

LMGs - Apex Legends weapon stats

Name Ammo Damage DPS RPM Mag Size Reload
Spitfire Light 27/18/15 162 540 55 3.4s/3.8s
Rampage Unique 42/28/24 140 300 40 3.1s/3.4s
L-Star Energy 26/17/14 170 600 24/26/28/30 3.6s
Devotion Energy 23/15/13 225 900 36/40/44/48 3.2s/3.8s

Spitfire (A-Tier)

The Spitfire's high damage and high magazine capacity make it a terror to go up against, because with a Spitfire you can just keep on firing and firing until your opponent is dead. It's the most reliable LMG to deal tonnes of damage with over the course of a fight.

Rampage (A-Tier)

The Rampage hits like a truck with its slow-firing shots, and when charged up with a Thermite Grenade it gains one of the highest DPS values in the game. The only reason this beastly Supply-Drop-only LMG doesn't quite reach the top tier is that it's too slow and unwieldy for use at anything closer than mid-range, and its sluggish fire rate makes it harder to track enemies and make the quick kill.

L-Star (C-Tier)

The L-Star used to be easily the best LMG in the game, but a series of nerfs to its accuracy and damage have really clipped its wings. It's an ammo-hungry gun which can be powerful in close quarters, and if you master its overheat mechanic you can continue firing without reloading. But that only takes the gun so far these days.

Devotion (C-Tier)

The Devotion is a scary weapon to hear your opponent revving up, but overall it has too many flaws. It's big, it's not very accurate, and its slow wind-up time means you can quickly get killed by stronger weapons before the Devotion reaches its full potential - even with a Turbocharger attached.

Marksman - Apex Legends weapon stats

Name Ammo Damage DPS RPM Mag Size Reload
G7 Scout Light 60/34/26 136 240 10/15/18/20 2.4s/3.0s
Bocek Bow Unique 123/70/63 107 125 N/A N/A
Triple Take Energy 126/63/58 82 78 6/7/8/9 2.6s/3.4s
30-30 Repeater Heavy 74/42/36 98 140 6/8/10/12 0.6s/bullet

G7 Scout (B-Tier)

In capable hands, the G7 Scout really can be diabolically powerful. I'm not a fan of the Double-Tap Trigger, but in single-shot mode it's easy to land shots at any range which can burst down enemies in startlingly short times. It's just harder nowadays to sell the Scout to someone when there are so many other options for punchy single-shot weapons.

Bocek Bow (S-Tier)

The Bocek Bow is a very unusual weapon. It's by no means an easy weapon to use, but it's very accurate, its arrows fly about as fast as bullets, and each arrow deals ridiculous amounts of damage given how quickly you can knock and draw another arrow to follow up your first shot with. Definitely the strongest Marksman-class weapon in Apex at the moment.

Triple Take (D-Tier)

The Triple Take occupies an unusual area of the Apex armoury, because its steadily tightening three-shot spread can be used quite effectively both at very long range and super-short range. As a result it's a versatile gun, but one which requires charging up with each shot to reach its full potential. Overall it just doesn't quite match the effectiveness of more specialised weapons.

30-30 Repeater (C-Tier)

The 30-30 Repeater is a difficult rifle to use well. Its closest competitor is the G7 Scout, and overall I think the Scout is the better choice. But with the addition of Skullpiercer Rounds as a possible attachment on the 30-30, it can deal mega-damage with a headshot that can quickly turn into a kill with one or two quick follow-up shots. It's a good weapon - it's just not the best source of reliable damage.

Snipers - Apex Legends weapon stats

Name Ammo Damage DPS RPM Mag Size Reload
Kraber Unique 280/140/112 84 36 4 3.2s/4.3s
Charge Rifle Sniper 56/45/45 (+45) 23 (+23) 30 8 3.6s/3.6s
Longbow Sniper 118/55/44 71.5 78 6/8/10/12 2.66s/3.66s
Sentinel Sniper 140/70/63 40 37.5 4/5/6/7 2.5s/3.6s

Kraber (S-Tier)

Season 13 hit the Care-Package-only Kraber with a couple of well-placed nerfs, which, combined with the buffs to helmet headshot protection, means that the Kraber isn't quite the one-shot-kill game-changer it used to be. Having said that, it still deals 140 damage per body shot, which is just too terrifying to ignore.


Charge Rifle (B-Tier)

The Charge Rifle's hitscan beam and high damage potential makes it a great long-range poking device that is particularly strong in high-level ranked matches when it comes to upgrading your EVO Shields from a distance. It's tougher to use at mid and close-range than other Snipers, and it's not a great weapon for getting kills, but for long-range poking battles and forcing your enemies to use up their meds before the final fight, there's very little better.

Longbow (C-Tier)

The Longbow is the fastest-firing Sniper Rifle, and while it does deal lower damage per shot than its rivals, 55 damage is nothing to sniff at. It shouldn't be underestimated, but I'd still put it below the other sniper rifles purely because the damage of the harder-hitting bolt-actions is just too useful..

Sentinel (B-Tier)

For some reason when I have a Sentinel in my hands, I don't miss. I can't explain it. But it works out very well for me, because the Sentinel is like a mini-Kraber, landing massive damage with a single bullet. That damage is increased even further when you charge it up with a couple of Shield Cells, turning the Sentinel into a very scary weapon indeed. It's downside, of course, is that as a bolt-action rifle it's very large and slow to use.

Shotguns - Apex Legends weapon stats

Name Ammo Damage DPS RPM Mag Size Reload
Mastiff Unique 140/112/112 123.2 66 4 1.03s/1.7s
Peacekeeper Shotgun 121/99/99 96 58 5 2.5s/3.5s
Mozambique Shotgun 69/45/45 135 180 6 2.1s/2.6s
EVA-8 Shotgun 70/56/56 129 138 8 2.75s/3.0s

Mastiff (A-Tier)

The Mastiff is currently the only Care Package shotgun, and its damage potential is just through the roof - which is good, because it only has four shots per magazine. Nowadays it's back how it used to be at the beginning of Apex: an enormously powerful but fairly hit-or-miss shotgun which can win or lose games based on whether you hit or miss.

Peacekeeper (A-Tier)

The old reliable Peacekeeper is devastatingly powerful as long as you have some cover to duck in and out from. A well-placed PK shot deals a cool 100 damage, which is enough to turn the tables of any 1v1.

Mozambique (B-Tier)

Once the lowliest of guns in Apex Legends, the Mozambique has gone from strength to strength over the seasons and is now able to hold its own against the larger Shotguns. It's very similar to a Wingman, but at closer-ranges it's actually a little more reliable than the Wingman. And with Hammerpoints attached it can absolutely melt enemies once their shields are broken.

EVA-8 (D-Tier)

A few seasons ago the EVA-8 was the best Shotgun around. Nowadays though, it just feels weak. It deals low, inconsistent damage, which completely undermines its major selling point - its fast fire rate. And unfortunately it doesn't seem like the Season 14 buffs to its fire rate are enough to justify using it instead of any other shotgun,.

Pistols - Apex Legends weapon stats

Name Ammo Damage DPS RPM Mag Size Reload
Wingman Sniper 97/45/41 117 156 6/7/8/9 2.1s/2.1s
RE-45 Light 18/12/11 150 750 16/19/22/25 1.5s/1.95s
P2020 Light 27/18/16 126 420 14/16/18/21 1.25s/1.25s

Wingman (S-Tier)

If you land all your shots with the Wingman, there's little reason in using any other gun. It's just so powerful. A headshot is often all you need to completely turn a fight around. It's an extremely high skill ceiling weapon and requires a lot of accuracy on the player's part, so it's not particularly reliable. But there's no denying it's one of the best weapons in the game.

RE-45 (D-Tier)

I actually have a fair bit of respect for the RE-45. It's like a mini R-99 which sacrifices some power for increased movement and reload speeds. It's a nice sidearm, but it simply can't compete with most primary weapons in Apex.

P2020 (D-Tier)

The P2020 does have some merit, and I have a friend who absolutely swears by it. Sorry, Pete - the P2020 still belongs in the lowest tier all the same. With Hammerpoints attached it can pack a surprising punch, but I also think the Hammerpoints are better suited to any of its other applicable guns. There's just not much room for a low-damage single-shot pistol in Apex Legends. You should look to upgrade as soon as possible.

A screenshot from the Apex Legends Northstar video: Valkyrie pointing a gun at mercenary Kuben Blisk.

Apex Legends weapons - frequently asked questions

Weapons and bullets in Apex Legends work a little differently from other battle royale games such as Warzone and Fortnite. I know lots of new players are going to be asking the below questions, so I'll just go through them quickly now:

  • Are any of the guns hitscan? - Just the Charge Rifle beam. All other projectiles have travel time.
  • Is there bullet drop? - Yes. The amount of drop is generally based on the bullet speed of each weapon. Energy weapons have the lowest drop, Light weapons (and the Bocek Bow) the highest.
  • Is there damage drop-off? - Just the Charge Rifle beam. However, there is a different max headshot range for each weapon, beyond which a headshot will no longer deal bonus headshot damage.
  • Does each gun have a predictable spray pattern? - Yes. Spend time learning the spray patterns of each gun in the Firing Range, it'll seriously help you in fights.
  • Is there aim drift? - Yes. There's a brief moment of stillness when first ADSing, after which you'll start to drift. Equipping Stock attachments minimizes aim drift. For more info, check out our Apex Legends attachments page.
  • Do different guns affect movement speed? - Yes, but only while ADSing. Without ADSing your gun has no bearing on your run speed. But when ADSing, your movement will be reduced based on the class of gun you're holding.
  • Does taking damage slow you down? - Yes. Taking damage from any weapon (not just a Heavy Rounds weapon, which many players seem to believe is the case) will cause a brief slowdown. But Legends with the "Fortified" Passive (Gibraltar and Caustic) are immune to this slowdown.

That wraps up our guide to the best weapons in Apex Legends as of Season 14. Now why not round off this knowledge by perusing our guide to the different Apex Legends characters on offer?

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