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Apex Legends Mozambique stats [Season 10]

View our up-to-date Mozambique stats ready for Season 10

Once the lowliest of creations in Apex Legends, the Mozambique Shotgun Pistol has undergone a strange journey through the weapon meta in recent Seasons. In Season 9, the Mozambique was buffed with a tighter spread and higher magazine capacity, at the cost of no more Hammerpoint Rounds. Is it still viable? Our Apex Legends Mozambique guide will walk you through the stats of this shotgun/pistol hybrid.

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Apex Legends Mozambique stats

Ah, the Mozambique. Forever at the bottom of the Apex Legends gun tier list. This shotgun-pistol hybrid features high handling stats and a good rate of fire, but is held back enormously by its low damage and its limited magazine capacity. The latter has at least been alleviated by the Season 9 buff to its magazine capacity (4 to 6). But the real reason to take the Mozambique was the Hammerpoint Rounds Hop Up, and as of Season 9 that Hop Up no longer exists. So the Mozambique is back to the very bottom of the weapon tier list for now.

Mozambique basic stats

  • Weapon Type: Shotgun
  • Ammo: Shotgun Shells
  • Firing Modes: Single
  • Attachment Slots: Bolt, Optic
  • Mag Size: 6

Mozambique damage stats

  • Damage (Body/Head/Leg): 45/57/42
  • Pellets: 3, Triangle Pattern
  • Per Pellet: 15/19/14
  • RPM: 180
  • Body DPS: 135
  • Body Shots To Kill: 3/4/4/5/5
  • Fortified Body Shots To Kill: 3/4/5/6/6
  • Projectile Speed: 10,000

Mozambique handling stats

  • Tactical Reload Time: 2.10s
  • Full Reload Time: 2.60s
  • Draw Time: 0.45s
  • ADS Movement Speed: 100%

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