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Apex Legends Arena mode: Shop prices and upgrade costs, maps, and tips on how to win Arenas

Dominate the Apex Legends Arena mode on day 1 with these tips

Apex Legends Arena is a permanent 3v3 Team Deathmatch mode, released as part of the monumental Apex Legends Legacy Update of Season 9. There's a great deal to understand about this mode, from the Shop and Buy Phases to the new maps, the scoreboard, and much more.

Below you'll find what I hope to be the definitive guide on the Apex Legends Arena mode, covering everything from how to game works and all the Shop weapon and ability costs to top-tier strategies to help you dominate the Arenas from day one.

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Apex Legends Arena mode overview

Apex Legends Arena is a new permanent game mode joining the game with Apex Legends: Legacy, the Season 9 update. This mode is a 3v3 fight which takes place over several rounds.

The winner is the first team to win at least 3 rounds, but you must also win by at least 2 points. If the score reaches 4-4, then a final sudden death 9th round will ensue and a victor declared based on who is left standing at the end.

At the beginning of an Arena match, everyone will pick their Legend in the usual manner. You can't change Legends between rounds, and you can't see your opponents' picks until after the game begins. Players can be revived but not respawned in the Arena.

There will be Crafting Material containers, and Supply Bins filled with healing items dotted about the map each round. There will also be a ring which steadily closes after a certain time like in regular Apex, to prevent rounds from going on too long. When the ring starts closing, a Care Package filled with high-tier weapons will touchdown. The Supply Drop weapons will increase in quality from round to round. The Supply Drop weapons will increase in quality from round to round.

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Apex Arena scoreboard explained

The scoreboard is a little hard to understand in the Apex Legends Arena mode, so let me break it down for you:

  • Grey scoreboard: it's early on in the game, and no one is about to win.
  • Blue scoreboard: it's match point for your team.
  • Red scoreboard: it's match point for the enemy team.
  • Yellow scoreboard: it's a tiebreaker, so both teams have to win the next two rounds to win.
  • Sudden Death: final round, so whoever wins this round wins the match.

The three pips in the centre keep track of how many tiebreakers have occurred. It's important to understand that each tiebreaker is a pair of rounds, because a team has to win both rounds to win the game.

Apex Arena Shop and Buy Phase

At the beginning of each round, players will have a short time in their spawn areas where they can access the Arena Shop. This Buy Phase will be very familiar to Counter-Strike and Valorant players; at the beginning of each round you're given a certain amount of Crafting Materials which you can use to purchase weapons, grenades, healing items, and ability charges. The amount of Crafting Materials you receive goes up every round, and also increases based on your performance in previous rounds and any Crafting Materials you can scavenge from deposits in the Arena.

Here are the main points to remember about the Buy Phase in Apex Arena:

  • All gear is reset each round, even if you survive, so you'll have to buy new equipment every round.
  • You can spend Crafting Materials to upgrade existing weapons. This will fill all attachment slots with flat white, then blue, then purple attachments - but you can still freely choose your optic slot as long as its rarity has been unlocked (e.g. blue for the 2x).
  • Just like Counter-Strike and Valorant, you can save your Crafting Materials with an "economy round" where you buy very little, so that the next round you can buy much better gear.
  • You always have access to your Passive ability and you start with some charges of your Tactical per round, but you'll need to purchase Tactical ability charges if you want to use more in a single round, and you'll also need to purchase your Ultimate if you want to use it.
  • You don't have to purchase Body Shields or Helmets in the Shop: you're automatically given Shields and Helmets each round, and the quality of shields will increase from round to round.

Arena Shop: all weapon costs

Here are the costs of all the weapon purchases and upgrades in the Apex Legends Arena mode Shop:

Pistols, Shotguns, and SMGs:

Weapon Base Cost White Blue Purple + Hop-Ups
P2020 0 50 125 200
Mozambique 0 50 125 200
EVA-8 250 150 250 300
RE-45 250 150 250 250
Alternator 400 150 250 300
Peacekeeper 500 150 250 300
Mastiff 500 150 250 300
Volt 500 150 250 300
Wingman 500 150 200 250
R-99 550 150 250 300

Assault Rifles and LMGs:

Weapon Base Cost White Blue Purple + Hop-Ups
Havoc 350 200 250 400
L-Star 400 100 200 300
Devotion 450 150 250 400
Hemlok 500 150 250 350
Flatline 550 200 250 350
Spitfire 550 200 250 350
R-301 Carbine 600 200 300 350

Marksman and Snipers:

Weapons Base Cost White Blue Purple + Hop-Ups
G7 Scout 350 250 300 250
30-30 Repeater 350 200 300 250
Longbow 400 250 300 400
Sentinel 400 250 300 400
Bocek Compound Bow 600 150 250 300
Charge Rifle 700 250 300 400

Note: the Prowler, Kraber, and Triple Take are all Care Package exclusives in Season 9 and therefore can't be purchased in the shop.

I'll also include the equipment costs here, for completion's sake:

Equipment Cost No. per round Max No.
Syringe 25 2 8
Shield Cell 75 2 8
Med Kit 50 0 4
Shield Battery 150 0 4
Thermite Grenade 100 0 3
Frag Grenade 75 0 3
Arc Star 100 0 3
Gold Backpack 250 0 1

Arena Shop: all ability costs

Below is a list of every Tactical and Ultimate ability for each Legend, and how much they each cost. I've also included information on how often you can buy Ultimates, and how many Tactical charges you can hold per round and how many you're given by default each round.

Tactical abilities:

Legend Ability Cost Min Charges Per Round Max Charges
Bloodhound 150 1 3
Gibraltar 200 1 5
Lifeline 50 1 3
Pathfinder 50 3 7
Wraith 50 1 4
Bangalore 50 2 5
Caustic 50 3 6
Mirage 50 3 7
Octane 50 3 7
Wattson 50 5 9
Crypto 100 1 3
Revenant 50 2 6
Loba 50 2 5
Rampart 50 3 9
Horizon 100 2 4
Fuse 150 2 6
Valkyrie 200 1 3

Ultimate abilities:

Legend Cost
Bloodhound 350
Gibraltar 500
Lifeline 400
Pathfinder 150
Wraith 150
Bangalore 500
Caustic 300
Mirage 350
Octane 300
Wattson 200
Crypto 600
Revenant 600
Loba 200
Rampart 300
Horizon 400
Fuse 400
Valkyrie 150

Apex Arena maps: what do the 5 maps look like?

There are 5 possible maps in the Apex Arena mode, but only 3 will be active at any time. The game will rotate between these 3 every 15 minutes.

3 of the 5 are existing points of interest from the Battle Royale mode maps:

  • Artillery on Kings Canyon
  • Thermal Station on World's Edge
  • Gardens on Olympus

These maps will be introduced one at a time every 2 weeks from the start of Season 9. Each of these POIs will have undergone minor changes to make them suitable for Arena, but they're easily recognisable. However, the other 2 maps are brand new and have been crafted specifically for Apex Arena.

A promotional Apex Legends screenshot of Phaserunner, one of the maps created for the Apex Arena mode.

Apex Arena map: Phaserunner

Phaserunner is a map set on Talos, the same planet as World's Edge. It's got vibrant green grass and tall trees, as well as snow covering a good half of the map. But its main feature is taken from a different map: the titular prototype Phaserunner (the massive teleporter that dominates Olympus) will allow teams to quickly teleport to a platform near the centre of the map.

Just like the Phaserunner on Olympus, this prototype Phaserunner will make noise and warn nearby players if someone is about to appear out of one of its portals, so it can't exactly be used in a stealthy manner. On the opposite edge of the map there appears to be a construction area for an unfinished part of the Phaserunner, which offers plenty of hard cover and a more indoors-y area to fight around. Which is good, because this map is very open in the centre with some amazingly long sightlines, so sniping is a powerful tactic in Phaserunner.

A promotional Apex Legends screenshot of Party Crasher, one of the maps created for the Apex Arena mode.

Apex Arena map: Party Crasher

Party Crasher is a map set in an area called Komo which would only be slightly interesting if it weren't for the gigantic Mirage Voyage wreckage now dominating its space. Yep, that's what Mirage was talking about during the countdown in the above Legacy trailer.

A nighttime nightlife map awash with neon, there are two buildings in the centre of Party Crashers, surrounded by plenty of open space. But there are all sorts of doodads and obstacles dotted about the map which can be used as cover of varying qualities. It's a faster-paced map than Phaserunner, with plenty of paths to everywhere else allowing for endless flanking opportunities.

Apex Arena mode tips: how to win

I'll finish with some tips and tricks on how to win in the Apex Legends Arena mode. These practical tips and strategies are sure to give you an edge throughout Season 9:

Prioritise the Crafting Materials containers

You don't get to keep your weapons from round to round even if you win, and kills only net you 75 Materials each. By contrast, each Materials container nets 200 each for everyone on your team. Even if you lose, you can still win. Prioritising those Crafting Materials containers is going to become the meta in Arena mode, mark my words.

Start with cheap, strong weapons that don't need upgrades

Don't feel like you need to buy an R-99 or a Flatline or a R-301 Carbine at the earliest opportunity. Particularly on early rounds, it's a great idea to go for a cheaper weapon that still packs a hell of a punch without attachments, like a G7 Scout or an L-Star. Then you'll have more Materials to spend elsewhere.

Use Loba and Lifeline to restock your team

Loba can place down her Ultimate and steal the healing items from the Supply Bin on the opponent's side of the map at the beginning of a round. That's huge. And similarly, Lifeline can open up the Supply Bin's secret compartment to gain more Shield Cells and Syringes - and her Care Package can deck her team out with strong weaponry even on an economy round.

Use the best Legends for the Arena mode

The strongest Legends in the Battle Royale mode may not be the strongest Legends in the Arena mode. Rampart will be a force of nature in Arena, for example, thanks to her ability to grant her team free and safe peeks on the enemy. Check out my best Apex Legends characters page for more details!

Every little bit of damage helps

Healing items are far scarcer in the Arena mode than in the Battle Royale mode, so poking at long range is far more viable because you can simply bleed your opponents dry before going in for the kill once they have no more healing potential. This is why weapons like the G7 Scout, the Sentinel, and the Bocek Bow are going to be very meta in Arena.

That's everything we know about the Apex Legends Arena mode and how to master it. If you're looking for more top-tier tips and tricks, check out our pages on the other additions Season 9 brought: the Bocek Bow, and the high-flying Legend Valkyrie.

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