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Apex Legends Bloodhound abilities, tips and tricks

These Bloodhound tips are guaranteed to increase your kill and win rate

Want to master the art of tracking with Bloodhound in Apex Legends? Bloodhound remains one of the most recognisable characters from Apex Legends, and has consistently been a powerful presence inside the arenas. If you love chasing down a kill and going into a fight with as much information as possible, there is no better place to start.

Learn all about Bloodhound’s abilities below, along with their fascinating backstory and tonnes of useful, practical, and up-to-date tips and tricks to get the most out of this excellent tracker.

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Bloodhound abilities

Bloodhound has access to three abilities: Tracker (Passive), Eye of the All-Father (Tactical), and Beast of the Hunt (Ultimate). Each of these abilities feed into Bloodhound’s namesake. Their abilities are all about tracking down their opponents and then finishing them for good. They are a Recon Legend, which means they are able to scan Survey Beacons dotted about each map to reveal the next ring location, just like other Recon Legends Valkyrie, Pathfinder, Seer and Crypto.

Bloodhound is a character, like their name might suggest, who is all about sniffing out other players. They’ve consistently been near the top of most metas, as they have a devastating ultimate, and the means to find you to use it. If you can master the character, you will never go into a fight missing key information. Bloodhound is performing very well in Season 10 and there is no reason to expect that to change

Bloodhound tips and tricks

Let's start by looking at the general strengths and weaknesses of Bloodhound's toolkit. We'll go over the ability-specific tips and tricks below, but first here are some general tips and tidbits of advice to take into the Apex Games with Bloodhound:

  • Trust your senses. Oftentimes, you can get the feeling that you are being watched. Channel your own Bloodhound, and trust your gut. Your abilities let you check large areas quickly, so feel free to use them when something doesn’t feel right.
  • Information wins fights. While Crypto and Seer can pin down their opponent’s locations, it doesn’t come as easy to anyone like it does Bloodhound. Before engaging, scan an area, check for any tracking clues and once you have that information act on it with your team and your Ultimate.
  • Strike only when you are sure. Bloodhound has one of the strongest ultimates in the game, because it offers you enhanced tracking, speed and highlights enemies. Because it does all that, you don’t want to waste it as it is also Bloodhound’s only means of escape. Use it in conjunction with the information you have gathered to create better advantages for yourself. Positioning is key, as you'll know if you've read our Apex Legends tips and tricks page.
  • Use audio cues. If you find yourself without an enemy to track, use your ears. Listen out for any distant fights going on and head off in those directions. As you approach it, you should start seeing clues from your passive. Use it to get in a great position to third-party a fight. There are few things more terrifying in Apex than winning a fight and then being scanned and hearing Bloodhound pop their ult.

A screenshot of Apex Legends where Bloodhound's Tracker ability has highlighted a footprint left by an enemy 10 seconds ago.

Bloodhound Passive tips: Tracker

Description: Foes leave behind clues for you to find.

Tracker gives Bloodhound the ability to see the activities of enemy players if you are standing near where they were less than 90 seconds ago. You will see a notification pop up telling you what kind of action was performed here and when it took place. These actions can be anything from a footprint to bleeding out, from picking up loot to deploying a Lifeline bot.

Bloodhound Passive tips:

  • There are a ton of clues Bloodhound can pick up on. Footprints, slide marks, mantles, landings, ziplines usage, doors used, where an enemy fired, if someone was killed, blood, if healing items were used, when a lootbin or pod was opened. They can also see Legend-specific ability usages like Wraith entering phase or Caustic’s gas traps. You can get a really strong idea of everything a team has been up to, so recreate the team’s journey in your head and decide how to best capitalise on the clues.
  • Ravens can be seen on the floor and are there to direct Bloodhound to clues.
  • Communicate your findings with your team! They cannot see the clues enemies leave behind, so it's your job to keep them in the know.
  • As of the Apex Legends Evolution Collection Event patch notes, pinging a clue from your Passive will now let your teammates know in quickchat how long ago the clue was made.
  • Clues are a more vibrant red if they are more recent, so you can quickly tell if there is likely to be an enemy within metres of your position.

A screenshot of Bloodhound using their Tactical ability to highlight an enemy through smoke.

Bloodhound Tactical tips: Eye of the All-Father

Description: Briefly reveal enemies, traps, and clues through structures in front of you. Cooldown: 25 seconds.

Bloodhound's Tactical, Eye of the Allfather, is a useful ability that can backfire quite easily if you don't use it under the correct circumstances. Using it will create a conical radar pulse that radiates out in front of you, passing through walls, terrain, and any other obstacles, and vividly highlighting any nearby enemies, traps, or clues nearby for the duration of the pulse.

Bloodhound Tactical tips:

  • Eye of the Allfather does not radiate out in all directions; it is in fact directional, operating in a cone area where you are looking. So make sure you're facing the correct direction when you use Bloodhound's Tactical.
  • Bloodhound's Tactical is not a covert ability: the pulse is very easy for enemies to notice. So you should not use it unless you are prepared to sacrifice stealth for knowledge.
  • In some cases it is useful to scan enemies when you're on the defensive and looking to heal. Generally, enemies will be more cautious as they are scanned, preferring to wait until the effect ends in order to attack. This buys you precious seconds to recover.
  • Bloodhound's Tactical will allow you to see enemies through Smoke and Gas as well as structures. This ability is fantastic when combined with Bangalore's Smoke Canisters or Caustic's Nox Gas, because you can disorientate the enemy while still being able to see them through the haze.
  • Eye of the Allfather will highlight every clue in its range, allowing you to clearly see footprints and the directions of the enemy if you are having trouble finding them using your Passive alone.
  • Bloodhound’s tactical becomes exceptionally good as the game comes to its conclusion. In the final circles, players not in full teams will often be hunkered down, trying not to be noticed. Use your scan often in the final circles to make sure that there isn’t a solo player hiding in a corner looking to steal victory after a team fight.

A screenshot of Apex Legends seen from the eyes of a Bloodhound who has used their Ultimate. Everything is greyscale except for clues and enemies.

Bloodhound Ultimate tips: Beast of the Hunt

Description: Enhances your senses, allowing you to see cold tracks and move faster. downing opponents extend duration.

Bloodhound's Ultimate is meant for initiating fights, though it can also be used to quickly disengage and run to safety. Providing a 30% movement speed increase for its duration and making everything greyscale (except for enemies and tracks, which are highlighted red), Beast Of The Hunt is an excellent ability both for initiating and escaping.

Bloodhound Ultimate tips:

  • Downing (not killing) enemies will add 5 seconds to your Beast of the Hunt duration. With enough successive knocks, you can exceed the ability's starting time with successive kills.
  • It's generally best to use your Ultimate as you're heading into a fight, but it is also Bloodhound's only mobility tool, and if it allows you to get out of a dangerous situation with your health intact, then it has done its job well.
  • Movement speed in Apex Legends is identical whether you're moving forwards, backwards, or strafing to the left or right. This means with your Ultimate activated, Bloodhound can strafe very quickly to avoid shots.
  • Tied to your movement speed, Bloodhound is great with pistols like the Wingman and RE45. Your ADS move speed is identical to your non-ADS move speed with a pistol, so you'll be a menace to hit while pumping out damage. If you'd like the low down on pistols or any gun in game, check out our Apex Legends Best Gun Tier List.
  • You can very clearly see all enemies, footprints and clues while transformed; and they are highlighted at a far longer range than your Tactical ability too.
  • As with their Tactical, Bloodhound's Ultimate actively tracks enemy positions with the highlights.
  • Stay on the move while your Ultimate is active; don't waste time aiming down sights or standing still. Be decisive, go for the flank attack, close the gap, and finish them off while you're still moving quickly.
  • Like their Tactical, Enemies are visible through smoke and gas while the Ultimate is active.
  • Footprints are very obvious in the Ultimate. If someone is trying to run and hide, chase them and follow the information. They will soon realise that there is no escape.
  • This ultimate is super loud and distinctive. You won’t be surprising anyone while in it, so be sure your enemy is at a distinct disadvantage before engaging.
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Apex Legends Bloodhound backstory

Bloodhound started life roughly. The child of two engineers, they found themselves orphaned after their parents were killed in a meltdown at an industrial plant. Thankfully, Bloodhound was taken in by their uncle Artur, but it was a harsh childhood. Artur taught the young hunter to reject technology and return to nature in brash hunting trials.

During one intense hunt, Bloodhound was ambushed by a hulking monster called a Goliath, before fortuitously finding a Charge Rifle, allowing them to injure the beast. However, this didn't go down well with Artur. This action saw Bloodhound exiled by their uncle for using a 'trigger'. Before they could get far though, the Goliath returned and attacked the village. With the help of the Charge Rifle, Bloodhound was able to repel the beast. Unfortunately, it had already caused grave wounds to their uncle.

With Artur’s dying blessing, Bloodhound began to wield both the Old Ways and new technology to finally kill the Goliath. Bloodhound now practices a harmony of nature and technology and is regarded as one of the best hunters in the Outlands. They now compete in the Apex Games, the ultimate hunting challenge armed with the Old Ways and an impressive mastery over new technological marvels.

That's everything we've got for now on the Technological Tracker that is Bloodhound. For full details and opinions on all of the characters together, take a look at our Apex Legends characters guide for everything you need.

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