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Apex Legends Wattson guide [Season 10]: abilities, tips and tricks

Learn how to set up the perfect defence with these Wattson tips

Wattson will probably forever be the most defensive and support-focused character in Apex Legends, with her unique electrical fences and Interception Pylons allowing teams to turtle like no one else. We'll break it all down in our Apex Legends Wattson guide, with in-depth explanations and tips on her abilities, playstyle, and much more.

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Apex Legends Wattson guide: strengths and weaknesses

Wattson is the most turtle-oriented character we've seen so far in Apex Legends, beating out even the tanky twosome of Gibraltar and Caustic in terms of how much she likes to take a position, fortify it with her team, and then weather the worst that the enemy has to throw at them.

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Her Passive ability serves only to increase the availability of her Tactical and Ultimate abilities, which are where she really starts to get interesting. The Perimeter Security nodes she can place with her Tactical are extremely flexible as a deterrent, while her Interception Pylon acts as possibly the hardest ability-on-ability counter that we've yet seen in Apex Legends, allowing her to completely nullify Gibraltar's and Bangalore's ultimates as well as any grenades thrown near the Pylon.

Wattson's drawbacks are that, against a canny team, her abilities can be quite easily destroyed or ignored because they're not actually that powerful on their own; and they also require animations' worth of time to set up, which can leave her vulnerable. What's more, none of her abilities actually help her in a firefight; she doesn't have any mobility, healing, or escape tools like Octane, Lifeline, or Wraith. So she's a Legend that really relies on good positioning, and a good team working together.

Wattson abilities overview

Now let's go through each of Wattson's abilities one by one, with explanations on what each one does and how to use them effectively.

  • Passive: Spark of Genius - Ultimate Accelerants fully charge Wattson's ultimate. Wattson can carry more Ultimate Accelerants. Wattson also regenerates 1 Shield HP per second outside of combat.
  • Tactical: Perimeter Security - Create electrified fences by connecting nodes. Fences damage and slow enemies.
  • Ultimate: Interception Pylon - Place an electrified pylon that destroys incoming ordnance and repairs damaged shields. Standing near Pylons boosts Wattson's tactical recharge rate (Max: 3).

Passive ability: Spark of Genius

Wattson's Passive ability is much like Caustic's, in that it serves merely to augment the character's other powers. In Wattson's case, it gives you the ability to entirely charge your Ultimate using a single Ultimate Accelerant (which means Ult Accelerants should now be given primarily to Wattson first instead of Lifeline); and it also allows you to stack two Accelerants in the same inventory slot.

A screenshot of Wattson standing in front of one of her electrified fences and waving at the camera.

Tactical ability: Perimeter Security

Perimeter Security is Wattson's signature power. Up to 12 nodes can be placed upon the map at a time, and if you place more then the oldest will disappear, much like Caustic's Nox Gas Traps. Once you finish placing a chain of nodes, they will turn into fully electrified fences, which will slow and damage enemies passing through them - but do nothing to hinder you or your teammates if you step through them.

Here are our top Perimeter Security Tactical tips for Wattson:

  • Any enemy passing through the node will be stunned and dealt 15 damage per tick. This is enough to make the fences a powerful zoning tool, as most enemies will not want to push through.
  • Each fence post, or node, has 25 Health and can be destroyed, so try to place them in out-of-reach areas so they cannot be easily shot.
  • Fences are extremely visible from a distance, so they're not to be used as an unexpected trap like Caustic's Nox Gas Traps. Rather, you should use Wattson's Tactical to zone areas, block chokepoints, and guard your flanks.
  • Nodes can connect to multiple other nodes, allowing you to create triangles. This should be used liberally, because a triangle of fences in front of a door will force a pushing enemy to take at least twice as much damage as a normal point-to-point fence.
  • Place fences in front of ziplines, between Wraith portals, and in other areas where enemies will be forced to pass through them in order to continue with their plans.

A screenshot of Wattson's Interception Pylon being set up in the midst of a Gibraltar Ultimate.

Ultimate ability: Interception Pylon

Built to nullify the threat that so often appears when a fight is first initiated against you, the Interception Pylon not only acts as a Lifeline Drone for Shields, but it also destroys any grenade, Arc Star, or ordnance from Gibraltar's or Bangalore's ults before they land. In addition, it boosts Wattson's Tactical recharge rate if she is standing near a Pylon.

Here are our top Interception Pylon Ultimate tips for Wattson:

  • As well as explosive projectiles, the Interception Pylon will also intercept other throwables such as Loba's Tactical, Bangalore's Tactical, Revenant's Silence, Caustic's Gas Grenade and Gas Traps, and Horizon's Gravity Lift.
  • Wattson's Interception Pylon recharges 2 shields per second for every player in its AoE - including enemies. Multiple nearby Pylons will not stack the effect.
  • The Pylon will intercept your team's grenades and projectiles as well as enemies', so don't waste your grenades or abilities while near a Pylon.
  • The Pylon can be destroyed fairly quickly by shooting it, so you should hide the Pylon from obvious lines of sight.
  • As with other abilities with large areas of effect, the Pylon's usefulness increases in smaller circles, so try to save one (or an Ultimate Accelerant) for the end-game.

How to play Wattson - top tips and tricks

Finally, let's finish up with some more general tips and tricks on winning Apex Legends matches as Wattson.

  • Use your abilities freely. I've mentioned this above, but it's worth reiterating: with Wattson, your abilities are flexible enough and come often enough that you should be using them as often as possible, particularly during or in the leadup to fights. Wattson is absolutely mediocre in a fight if she doesn't make proper use of her Tactical and Ultimate.
  • Careful placement of your nodes and pylons will be rewarded. Both nodes and pylons can be destroyed if the enemy gets a clear shot, so you need to learn to see your surroundings in terms of good and bad positions for placement. This is much easier when indoors, but you should also bear it in mind while out in the open; try to find cover for everything you place down.
  • Work closely with your team. Wattson is not a Legend that generally does well on her own. She has no escapes, no mobility, and despite her turtle-centric abilities she can be very easily overwhelmed by a whole team. Work closely with your teammates, and try to be flexible in what they want to do. If they want to push, don't hang back just because "you're a defensive character".

And that's all we've got for now on the Static Defender and electricity expert that is Wattson. Hopefully you've learnt a thing or two about how you can use her abilities to the benefit of your team as a whole. For more information on all the different Legends on offer, look no further than our Apex Legends characters guide.

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