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Apex Legends Wraith abilities, tips and tricks

Learn how to use Wraith's abilities to win more fights

Wraith is one of the hardest Legends to pin down. She’s remained one of the most popular and powerful heroes in the game since it launched, consistently remaining a top tier pick. Her ability to get in and out of fights and move her team around the map means she has both very strong abilities and team benefits. That’s a rarity in a Legend and why it’s worth getting your head around her.

Our Apex Legends Wraith guide will walk you through everything you need to know to start racking up kills with the Interdimensional Skirmisher herself.

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Apex Legends Wraith abilities

Wraith has access to three fairly powerful abilities: Voices from the Void (Passive), Into the Void (Tactical), and Dimensional Rift (Ultimate). This kit combines to make Wraith one of the most slippery customers in Apex Legends, with the ability to get out of trouble and reposition almost instantly. She is classed as an Offensive Legend alongside Octane, Bangalore, Mirage, Revenant, Horizon and Fuse.

Wraith has an extremely versatile set of abilities, helping her both leave and engage in equally nightmarish ways. Opponents will have a hard time getting solid info on your whereabouts, as her elusive nature makes her extremely unpredictable to go up against. If you love the idea of outsmarting your opponents with key rotations, Wraith is for you. Once she is found out and can be easily tracked, she can become quite killable though. The counter to that: be evasive and slip through your opponent’s hands.

Wraith tips and tricks

Wraith is most powerful when your opponents don’t have a bead on you. Being surprising and unpredictable is where her power lies, but also her ability to get out of terrible situations. However, if you become predictable, your abilities will only go so far, as players can read your intentions and movement to counter your attempts to get out. Here are some general tips to make sure you come out on top in most situations.

  • Try and come into every fight with as much information as possible. In Apex, information is as, if not more important than your ability to shoot heads. Wraith’s passive allows her to know when others are around, and she can often set up engagements to benefit her and her team before running in.
  • Use cover to obscure your escapes. Wraith thrives in being unpredictable and being elusive. That’s why she loves natural cover. Especially when using your Tactical, try to duck and weave through cover to obscure your new positioning. Again, information wins fights and denying your enemy the exact whereabouts of your retreat gives you a significant advantage.
  • Reset. If you are losing a fight, use Wraith’s tactical or ultimate to get out, behind cover and then try to reset your state. Reload your guns, heal up, charge your shields. Wraith has an uncanny ability to disengage unfavourable fights only to come roaring back seconds later back to her state before a fight broke out. Use it.
  • Don’t be afraid to run. If two of your teammates are downed, using her abilities to leave a fight is a smart move. Especially in ranked where your position in a match earns your points, living to fight another day is important. Thankfully her portal makes getting banners back to revive your team much safer than other Legends.
  • Bait your opponents into chasing you. Wraith has the excellent ability to reposition. However, you don’t have to do this purely to escape. If you can get the enemy to chase after you, hide around a corner and hit them as they come barrelling after you. Or go through a portal and then take an off-angle. If anyone on the enemy team is foolish enough to chase you through a portal, you will be ready the second they come out of the slipstream, making for an easy kill.

A screenshot from an Apex Legends trailer of Wraith firing a Charge Rifle at an enemy off-screen.

Wraith Passive Tips: Voices from the Void

Description: A voice warns you when danger approaches.

Wraith’s passive ability is one of the weaker parts of her kit, but don’t underestimate it. The voice telling you you are being aimed at can make a huge difference to you getting caught out. These heads-up shouts give you a couple of seconds to prepare for any incoming action. In a game where information is key, these call-outs are extremely helpful in making sure you aren’t about to be ambushed.

These call-outs cover several situations that can be beneficial to you. Wraith will hear a voice in her head warning her when an enemy is aiming at you, when a sniper is aiming at you, if there are traps nearby, if you are in a densely populated area, or if a lot of people have died close to you.

Wraith Passive tips:

  • Wraith has the ability to be in open areas a little safer, Voices from the Void will warn her if she is about to be shot. Pair this with Into the Void to avoid getting ambushed.
  • Thankfully, if you don’t like using a mic, this ability still brings team benefits. You can choose to share the information you hear with your team in game.
  • Wraith will be notified if there is a Caustic Gas trap or Wattson fence nearby. Use this to not walk into a trap room.
  • If you hear there are a lot of players in the area, maybe try and use that information to get to an advantageous position and ambush any teams that stumble into your trap.

Wraith Tactical tips: Into the Void

Description: Reposition quickly through the safety of void space, avoiding all damage. Cooldown: 25 seconds

Into the Void is an exceptionally versatile ability and is iconic to her kit. This ability essentially phases Wraith out of existence, making her untouchable to damage as well as abilities. The ability takes 1.25 seconds to activate, but once it does she has 4 seconds in the void, where you will be completely safe and move 30% faster.

This ability is the key to Wraith’s elusiveness, giving her the ability to reposition in surprising and advantageous ways. If a fight doesn’t favour her, she can use Into the Void to try and make it a more favourable fight.

Wraith Tactical tips:

  • Your enemy can still see you. Wraith leaves a distinct trail while in the Void. To counter this try to use natural cover and move unpredictably to get away from them.
  • Be careful with doors. Wraith is unable to interact with most objects while in the void, so a closed door can ruin her escape route. She can paradoxically use ziplines though.
  • Be aware of the wind up on the ability. In the heat of battle 1.25 seconds can feel like an eternity, so make sure you have enough health to activate the ability to get out of a situation.
  • This tactical is a much better responsive tool than it is an instigator. Using this to enter into a fight will mean you won’t be able to use it later to reposition and if your opponent is ready for the attack, you will be an easy target as you exit the void.
  • You are disadvantaged when using the ability, before and after. There is a small delay as you exit the Void, where your movement is hit by 20% and your weapon will not be readied. Try to make sure you have at least a little safety to right yourself as you come out of the ability.

A screenshot of Wraith creating a portal with her Dimensional Rift Ultimate ability.

Wraith Ultimate tips: Dimensional Rift

Description: Link two locations with portals for 60 seconds, allowing your entire team to use them.

Wraith’s Ultimate Dimensional Rift is one of the most unique abilities in the game and the best for getting a team around. When using the ability, Wraith places a portal and then runs, creating a bridge. She can place the final destination she wants, but it will be placed automatically after she has run around 75 meters. Once both portals are placed, anyone can use the portal to move between the two locations. That includes enemies.

While placing the portal, Wraith is completely unable to use weapons or items. She does however receive a 25% speed boost and can use Into the Void for extra evasion.

Wraith Ultimate tips:

  • Use the portals to ambush other players. While often Dimensional Rift is best to get out of sticky situations, it can be used offensively, especially to third party fights. If you hear a fight going on in front of you, Wraith can use a portal to get her and her team into an ongoing fight and clean up.
  • Sometimes the portals don’t matter. The speed boost is significant and lasts for a long time. If you are in a terrible situation where you just want to run, activating the Ultimate and utilising the speed boost to leave a situation is a perfectly viable tactic to escape pursuing enemies.
  • Bait enemies to use your portals. If they are giving chase, they may use your portals to hunt you down, or you can try to tempt other players to use a portal they found out in the open. Just be ready to mow down any players who are foolish enough to use the portal after you.
  • You can’t put portal paths inside portals. If you are thinking of trying to put portals in portals to create insane movement opportunities, you can’t sadly.
  • Only players can use portals. This means that things like projectiles, as well as avatars like Crypto’s drone or even Mirage's decoys, can’t use them. If you see a Mirage coming out of the portal, you know it’s the real one.
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Apex Legends Wraith Backstory

Wraith has one of the most tragic backstories in the Apex pantheon. Renee Blasey was designated the identifier Subject 61137 and codenamed Wraith by the IMC. With no memory of her origins, she woke up in a facility for the Mentally Ill run by the company. During that time, she had been plagued by voices in her head.

Wraith was horrifically experimented on, until one day, an interdimensional version of herself appeared from a portal during one of these experiments. This version of Wraith was helped by the other to understand that the voices in her head were interdimensional versions of herself trying to help. During their escape attempt, the version of herself that came through the portal became distracted by the Lead Scientist Amer Singh, who she was looking to exact revenge on.

This leads to the interdimensional Wraith sacrificing herself and giving the other Wraith her own device to travel through the dimensions. The newer Wraith then escaped the facility, which was located underneath King’s Canyon. She now fights in the Apex Games to get more answers about her past and her abilities.

If all those versions of Wraith were a little confusing, don’t worry. Above is a short video where you can see all this play out.

That's pretty much everything we've got on Wraith for now, so hopefully you've learned a thing or two about how best to utilise her skills. For information on all the other Legends, check out our Apex Legends characters guide.

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