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Apex Legends Fuse guide abilities, tips and tricks

Use these Fuse tips to make an explosive impact in Season 10

Want to learn how to dominate Apex Legends as Fuse?That's right, it's possible. Fuse was Season 8's addition to the Apex Legends roster, and his abilities are some of the most explosive in the game. He's far from a top-tier hero, but each Season recently has seen fit to buff him slightly, and now that Season 10 has dropped there's never been a better time to learn how to use his abilities to great effect.

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Apex Legends Fuse abilities

Fuse has access to three abilities: Grenadier (Passive), Knuckle Duster (Tactical), and The Motherload (Ultimate). His kit is one of the most explosive on the roster, with a real penchant for grenades and everything that goes Boom. He is classed as an Offensive Legend alongside Octane, Bangalore, Mirage, Revenant, Horizon and Wraith.

The best thing about Fuse right now is his Passive ability, Grenadier, which allows him to hold more grenades and fire them far faster and further. This makes him a demon with an Arc Star. His Tactical and Ultimate abilities are fairly underpowered and they're never likely to deal the kind of damage you'd need to kill an enemy, but there are some hidden benefits that might help you to wrongfoot your opponents in a fight.

Fuse tips and tricks

Fuse is a nuisance to fight against and he has an underappreciated ability to control a fight. Here are some general tips to make sure you come out on top in most situations.

  • Don't substitute weapons for abilities. Most new Fuse players are too easily taken in by the promise of dealing damage with his abilities. You'll have a much greater chance of success if you rely solely on your guns for dealing damage, and use your Tactical and Ultimate to zone, destroy doors and enemy ability structures, and so on.
  • Spam those grenades. If there's one thing Fuse does right, it's grenade spam. Grenade spam is a big part of Apex Legends, even more so in the final fights and final circles. If there's a Fuse on your team, give them your grenades, because he can fire them quickly and accurately enough that you have a good chance of dealing huge damage with them.
  • You can control the battle. While you might think explosive damage is where Fuse gets his biggest use, his actual power if in controlling the enemy opponent. He excels at disincentivising teams pushing him and trying to rebuff aggression. Use your abilities to dictate the fight.
An Apex Legends screenshot of Fuse standing on the branch of a tree and firing his weapon.

Fuse Passive tips: Grenadier

Description: Stack an extra grenade per inventory slot. Fire grenades farther, faster, and more accurately.

Fuse's greatest asset is his Passive ability, Grenadier, which allows him to stack 2 grenades of the same type in a single slot. When it comes to firing grenades, he launches them with an arm cannon, allowing you to fire grenades far faster and further than any other Legend.

Fuse Passive tips:

  • Fuse should be given priority with grenades because he can do the most damage with them. It also frees up teammates' inventories for ammo and healing items.
  • Arc Stars are by far the strongest weapon for Fuse. It's devastating when you're stuck with an Arc Star, and Fuse's fast-firing grenades make this far, far easier than with other Legends.
  • The increased force of the grenades allows you to bounce Frag Grenades off walls far more effectively. Use this to your advantage when opponents are fighting from around a corner.
  • You can toggle the arm cannon on and off, allowing you to throw grenades with the normal speed and arc enjoyed by other Legends.
  • Fuse will pick up two grenades for the price of one when using Loba's Black Market.
An Apex Legends screenshot of Fuse celebrating in front of explosives caused by his Knuckle Cluster Tactical ability.

Tactical tips: Knuckle Cluster

Description: Launch a cluster bomb that continuously expels airburst explosives on impact. Cooldown: 20 seconds.

Fuse's Tactical ability, Knuckle Cluster, launches a cluster bomb a startling distance towards an enemy. Season 10 has buffed the duration of the Knuckle Cluster, which means that an enemy standing inside the explosions for the full duration will take about 90 damage, which while not devastating is more than enough to dissuade an enemy from occupying that space.

As of Season 9, Fuse has two charges of his Knuckle Cluster which he can fire in quick succession, and they recharge one at a time, just like Bangalore's Smoke Canisters. This allows you to more effectively harass an enemy or zone an area, but canny enemies will know to push straight through the Cluster if they need to, because it really doesn't hurt too much as long as you keep moving through it.

Fuse Tactical tips:

  • Knuckle Cluster can be used to break open doors and disable Caustic Gas Traps with ease. This is one of the best uses for the ability.
  • You can't use Knuckle Cluster to destroy Wattson's Interception Pylon, because the Pylon will intercept it before it explodes.
  • Knuckle Cluster can hurt Fuse himself, so be aware of this when using it.
  • Many players, particularly at lower ranks, don't realise how little damage Knuckle Cluster does and will panic when hit, leading them to make mistakes.
  • In confined spaces, particularly indoors, you can fire a Knuckle Cluster to locate an enemy or try to flush them out of their hiding spot.
  • Knuckle Cluster is a backup weapon at the very beginning of a match. If you're engaged in a punch-out with no weapons involved, shoot a Knuckle Cluster at the ground and run.
  • Knuckle Cluster can make the difference during a fight by adding a little chaos. Not for damage, but it is disorientating with loud noise and flashes, possibly giving you the edge in a close fight.
An Apex Legends screenshot of Fuse flying down towards a ring of fire created by his Ultimate ability.

Ultimate tips: The Motherlode

Description: Launch a bombardment that encircles a target area in a wall of flame. Cooldown: 120 seconds.

Fuse's Ultimate, The Motherlode, fires a projectile into the air which explodes and forms a ring of Thermite fire on the ground beneath it. Anyone hit by the fire will take an initial 35 damage and then take low damage every tick for 5 seconds.

Fuse Ultimate tips:

  • The flames can be used like Bangalore smokes, obscuring yourself from enemies; but as of Season 10, Motherlode will highlight enemies inside Motherlode to Fuse, much like a Digital Threat optic attachment.
  • Fuse can set himself on fire with this ability so be careful when using it near yourself!
  • If hit once, the total damage dealt by the fire is 75 (or 95 if you stay in the fire). Players are also dramatically slowed by being on fire.
  • You can't fire the Motherlode directly on yourself, but you can fire it directly in front of yourself and then run into the centre before the fire appears.
  • Fuse's Ultimate is a decent zoning ability, particularly if there are chokepoints nearby. If you or your team need time to heal, reload, or regroup, the Motherlode can act as an effective deterrent for enemies attempting to push you.
  • Just like with Knuckle Cluster, The Motherlode will be intercepted by Wattson's Interception Pylon.
  • You can ADS while aiming the Motherlode for a 3x zoom if you need more precision while firing.
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Apex Legends Fuse backstory

Fuse has a thing for explosions. The demolition man is the kind to blow things up now and ask questions later. He loves a fight too, something he has been doing his whole life.

Walter Fitzroy grew up with his partner in crime, Maggie. On the planet Salvo, the two tore it up and were a nearly unstoppable duo, but their ambitions ended up diverging. While Maggie wanted to become the best warlord out there. Fuse enjoyed the thrill of fighting too much. After becoming respected in a bloodsport called the Bonecage, he set his sights on the true prize: The Apex Games.

Once able, he jumped at joining the competition, however much to the anger of Maggie. She has vowed to get back at Fuse for abandoning her, which she ended up doing, by blowing off Fuse's arm.

That should furnish you with enough knowledge to make the most of Fuse's abilities in Apex Legends. For more information on the other Legends, be sure to check out our Apex Legends characters guide.

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