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Apex Legends Rampart abilities, tips and tricks

Use these Rampart tips and tricks to win more fights

Want to learn how to master Rampart and her abilities in Apex Legends? Season 10 has seen a big change for Rampart. As part of the Evolution event, which is centered around the Legend herself, she saw a shift to how her signature Sheila ability works, now giving her added mobility. Rampart is no longer an unmoving turret of Apex Legends, but rather a much more dynamic threat thanks to the change.

Learn about the changes, as well as Rampart’s other abilities and her fascinating backstory below. There are tons of up-to-date tips and tricks to get the most out of her included here.

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Apex Legends Rampart abilities

Rampart has access to three abilities: Modded Loader (Passive), Amped Cover (Tactical) and Moblie Minigun “Sheila” (Ultimate). All three of these make Rampart one of the hardiest and most fortifiable Legends on the defense. She is thus, unsurprisingly, a Defensive Legend alongside Gibraltar, Caustic, and Wattson.

Each of Rampart’s abilities will be explained and discussed below. That includes the Ultimate rework that has been added partway through Season 10. If you’ve avoided Rampart, which is likely as she has historically been one of the least played Legends, now might be the time to finally pick her up and see what she can offer your team.

Rampart tips and tricks

Let's start by looking at the general strengths and weaknesses of Ramparts toolkit. We'll go over the ability-specific tips and tricks below, but first here are some general tips and tidbits of advice to take into the Apex Games with her:

  • Focus less on your Passive, and more on your Tactical and Ultimate. Much like characters such as Caustic and Wattson, as Rampart you need to learn to survey a battlefield for good spots to set up strong defences from which to fight.
  • Rampart excels at mid-to-long-range fights. As discussed, Amped Cover is less useful in close quarters (though a skilled player can still make it work!), which means Rampart is best suited for medium-range encounters. Use this to influence your weapon choice. Pick up a G7 Scout or Sentinel and find out the damage it can cause while amped.
  • Don't be afraid to abandon a fortified area. While Rampart is all about being defensive, Apex is still a mobile game, from its Legends to the fact that you need to keep moving to get into the ring. Even if you put a lot into fortifying a building, be willing to leave it at the drop of a hat in order to take better positions for longer-term gains.
  • Play for the end of the game. Like many defensive Legends, Rampart gets stronger as the ring gets smaller. If you can use a Recon Legend to track the final circles and get into a building and fortify it, you will be in a strong position to win.

Passive ability: Modded Loader

Description: Increased magazine capacity and faster reloads when using LMGs and the Minigun.

Modded Loader is rather a boring ability, it's true - but it's still rather useful, particularly in the current LMG-dominated meta. This passive will increase the magazine sizes of LMGs and the Minigun by 15%, and decreases their reload times by 25%.

There's not much to master here: it's just a nice little boon to enjoy if you have an LMG in your hands. It's worth noting that the L-Star EMG does not have traditional magazines or reloads thanks to its unique overheating mechanic. In this case, Modded Loader will increase the number of shots you can fire before the L-Star starts to overheat, and also speeds up the cooldown time before an overheated L-Star can fire again.

However, one thing to keep in mind is what LMG is currently topping the meta, and what you should look out for. Check out our best weapons in Apex Legends tier list for more advice.

A screenshot of Rampart firing from the safety of one of her Amped Cover barriers.

Rampart Tactical tips: Amped Cover

Description: Build a crouch-cover wall, which deploys a full-cover amped wall that blocks incoming shots and amps outgoing shots. Cooldown: 20 seconds.

Rampart's Tactical ability allows her to place down a half-height barrier. In the first 3 seconds of its lifetime, the barrier spawns an amped barrier above it, which blocks incoming shots (until destroyed) and increases the damage of outgoing shots by 20%.

Rampart Tactical tips:

  • While up to five Amped Covers can be in play at a time per Rampart, you only hold a max of 3 charges at a time. Undamaged cover can be picked up to restore a charge.
  • Deploy Amped Cover in a doorway to help fortify an indoor location, or protect yourself while pushing towards an indoor enemy. You can retrieve the Cover with a single tap and immediately pass through it, giving you the power to control the engagement.
  • The top portion can be passed through by character bodies, meaning the cover can be vaulted through by both allies and enemies. This means you have to dissuade enemies from vaulting over by outputting a tonne of damage into them through the cover as they attempt it.
  • The orientation of the barrier matters hugely, because the barrier can only be shot through from one side. Purple cover protects you, while orange cover leaves you vulnerable.
  • The top and bottom halves of the Amped Cover have different health pools. The top has 175 health and the bottom has 400 health.
  • Enemies can view the health of the energy barrier portion thanks to an icon made up of hexagons which disappear with damage dealt. Each hexagon is worth 25 health.

A screenshot of Rampart aiming down the sights of Sheila, her Ultimate Minigun.

Ultimate ability: Mobile Minigun "Sheila"

Description: Rampart can carry around her minigun, which she can fire at walking speed. The minigun can also be placed and used by other teammates. Cooldown: 3 minutes.

Rampart’s Ultimate saw a big change in Season 10. Where once her ultimate was locked in place, now Rampart can run around with Sheila, giving her ultimate a little more dynamism. Mobility is key in Apex Legends, and now Rampart can get in on the action, pushing with her devastating ultimate.

Sheila comes with only one magazine of 173 bullets. Once they are gone, you can either place the turret or put it away. She can also convert any remaining bullets she doesn't intend to use into ultimate charge depending on how much ammo is left.

Rampart Ultimate tips:

  • Get mobile. Rampart is now able to run around with Sheila out. She will slow to a walk while shooting, so you do become an easier target to hit, so try to use it in advantageous positions.
  • Provide covering fire. As you can move around now, you aren’t locked to one position. If your team needs to take space, fire Sheila towards enemies so your teammates can push aggressively.
  • The minigun deals very high DPS, particularly when shot through Amped Cover. You should always place Amped Cover anyway when using Sheila, because otherwise you'll be stationary and vulnerable.
  • Use Amped Cover with Sheila. The gun is still able to be placed down, so can be used as previously. When shooting through amped cover, the time to kill is exceptionally low.
  • The accuracy of your shots with the minigun starts off fairly low, but increases the longer you fire. This makes Rampart the best candidate for using the minigun, because her passive gives her more time to shoot while the gun is at its most accurate.
  • Aiming down sights allows you to toggle between two different zoom levels with the minigun: 1x and 3x.
  • You have infinite reserve ammo with the minigun when it is placed in Turret mode, but are limited by the magazine size of 150 (173 with Rampart's Passive).
  • Rampart's Ultimate is extremely powerful in situations where an enemy is guaranteed to appear in front of you. If there's a chokepoint nearby, place down your minigun, fortify it with Amped Cover, and get ready to mow down the entire enemy team.
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Apex Legends Rampart backstory

Ramya Parekh is known for her modded gear and engineering expertise. She first made a name for herself on the underground gauntlet circuit, climbing her way to the top of the standings by using her custom gear to get a leg up over the competition. Her success saw many looking for her wares, from smugglers, Syndicate members and anyone who might need some amped-up hardware. This led her to start her successful modding shop on the urban planet Gaea.

However, her fortunes turned for the worse one night when a group of unknown assailants attacked her, eventually overpowering the mechanic. However, she was granted a reprieve - a spot in the Apex Games, where she now competes, getting full use out of her jumped up and whacky arsenal.

And that's all we've got for now on Rampart and her abilities. For more information on all the different Legends on offer, look no further than our Apex Legends characters guide.

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