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Best loadout in Apex Legends [Season 10]: the best weapon combos to take into battle

These are some of the best loadouts in Apex Legends

Looking for the best loadout in Apex Legends? Season 10 of Apex Legends has shaken up the weapon meta quite a bit thanks to numerous balance changes and the addition of a new super-powered weapon, the Rampage. So it's high time you take a look through our best loadouts below once again, and figure out which weapon combinations are teh strongest in the current meta.

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Best loadout in Apex Legends Season 10

Below we'll take a look at some contenders for the best loadout in Apex Legends for Season 10. They're in no particular order, and everyone has different tastes, so if you don't like the sound of one loadout then just try another!

R-301 Carbine & R-99

The old familiar R-301 Carbine has been one of the best weapons in Apex Legends since the game was released. Fast-firing and highly accurate, it can be used at pretty much any range you like when fully kitted.

But to help you with close-quarters fights, we can make a top-tier loadout by adding the R-99, whose blisteringly fast fire rate makes it one of the most fearsome close-range guns. Both these weapons require lots of Light Ammo and attachments, but if you can get your hands on them then you'll be very well-equipped for taking down any enemy in the lobby.

Bocek Bow & Prowler

I like to match up very punchy, powerful weapons a lot of the time, and it doesn't get much punchier than the Bocek Bow. This unique weapon deals mega damage per hit and excels at medium-to-long ranges.

The Prowler, as of Season 10, is out of the Care Package and part of floor loot. The crazy part is, it's barely been nerfed at all. It's burst-fire only, which may put off some players, but it absolutely shreds with those bursts as long as you take the time to learn to control them. It's a dominating force in the close quarters weapon meta right now, and the perfect counterpart to the Bocek.

Rampage & Peacekeeper

The Rampage is Season 10's addition to the weapons roster, and it's a strong contender for the most powerful gun in the game. Incredibly high damage per shot, great range, and a low fire rate that is drastically improved when you charge up the gun using a Thermite Grenade. This is by far the punchiest automatic weapon in the game.

The Rampage does fall a bit short at close range, so why not combine it with the newly floor-lootable Peacekeeper? While I do prefer the EVA-8 in most cases, the idea here is that you'll have already worn down the enemy with a few Rampage shots, so the ability to deal 100 damage in a single hit at close range is what you're really after.

Sentinel & Havoc

One of my absolute favourite loadouts, this. The Sentinel is a phenomenal Sniper, able to put an enemy out of action with a single shot. And if you're confident and experienced, you can whip it out in close range for a strong finishing shot after running out of ammo with your other weapon.

The Havoc has high ammo and attachment requirements (most importantly the Turbocharger Hop-Up), but once it's decked out, it's a contender for the best gun in the game. It may kick hard if you're used to using the R-301, but the Havoc's extreme DPS allows you to utterly shred enemies at close range.

G7 Scout & L-Star

Two slighly off-meta weapons here, but I contend that the playerbase is still sleeping on these guns. The G7 Scout has unbelievable damage potential at any range, and with a good extended mag you can keep firing long after the enemy expected you to have run dry.

I've had great success using the Scout at close range, but it obviously needs some help. The L-Star is the strongest it has ever been thanks to Season 10 giving it the ability to equip a Barrel and Extended Mag - and it was a pretty damn strong gun before. Keep it from overheating and make use of its accurate hipfire, and you've suddenly got some beastly damage output that not only eviscerates enemies in milliseconds but also obscures you from them with its large glowing projectiles.

Volt & EVA-8

The Volt may be an SMG, but its recoil is so friendly that you can very happily use it at medium ranges. It's a powerful and easy to use weapon whose range gives it a slight edge when fighting on the border between close and medium range.

Your backup is the EVA-8 - another forgiving weapon, and a close-range monster if you hit your shots. Avoid ADSing with the EVA-8 as it has fantastic hipfire spread. Just wiggle, jump, strafe, and pepper them with buckshot until they're down. This loadout is built for players who love to get up close and personal with enemies.

An Apex Legends screenshot of Bangalore using a Triple Take with an Optic attachment.

How to make your own Apex Legends loadout

Rules are made to be broken, but if you're just starting out in Apex Legends it's probably best to abide by the below golden rules when forging your own weapon loadout:

  • At least one full-auto (or fast-firing) weapon. In general, full-auto weapons win out. There's a reason for the dominance of SMGs (and, to a lesser extent, Assault Rifles) in Apex at the moment.
  • At least one close-range option. Apex Legends is a fast-paced, mobility-oriented game, and as such most fights tend to be close-quarters. You can do without a long-range weapon if you like, but you really can't do without a close-range option. Shotguns and SMGs are your best choice here.
  • Preferably a combo that covers all ranges. Again, you can do without a sniper rifle if need be, but if you stick purely to close range or medium range weapons (if, for example, you pick two shotguns, or a Scout and a Flatline) then you may run into trouble against certain enemy teams with loadouts more suited to the encounter. Certain guns, such as the Wingman or the Triple Take, are effective at pretty much any range, so they're a good option when it comes to this rule.
  • Beware of ammo requirements. Your inventory size is limited, and certain guns eat up ammo incredibly quickly. If you have one such weapon (an LMG or SMG), then it might be a good idea to make your other weapon a low-ammo-requirement gun such as a Wingman, a G7 Scout, a Sniper, or a Shotgun, to make space for the ammo you need for your other weapon.

Those are the main candidates for the best loadout in Apex Legends for Season 10. If you're looking for a greater depth of knowledge of each of these weapons, you'd best check out our Apex Legends weapon stats page.

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