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Apex Legends Low Profile and Fortified perks explained

Learn what Low Profile and Fortified mean in Apex Legends

Apex Legends is a phenomenal battle royale that gets more popular every day. But that means a lot of newer players are joining and trying to master the game: and some things aren't very well explained, such as the Low Profile and Fortified perks for Legends.

This quick guide will explain what Low Profile and Fortified mean in Apex Legends, which characters have them, and why they're so important.

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What is Low Profile in Apex Legends?

Note: Low Profile will be removed from Apex Legends starting from the Season 9 Legacy Update on 4th May.

Low Profile is a perk that some of the Apex Legends characters have. The reason this perk was brought in was because the different Legends have different hitbox sizes, which means some are easier to hit than others. The devs needed a way to balance this, so they invented the Low Profile perk which they apply to characters with the smallest hitboxes.

Low Profile acts as an extra Passive ability for certain Legends, and increases incoming damage that those Legends receive by 5%, so they take more damage from enemies.

If this sounds unfair, remember the reason it exists is because these Legends are so hard to hit because of their small hitboxes.

The characters with the Low Profile perk are:

What is Fortified in Apex Legends?

At the same time as Respawn added the Low Profile perk, and for the same reason, they added another perk called Fortified. This perk acts as an additional passive ability for the Legends with the largest hitboxes.

Legends with the Fortified perk take 15% less damage from all enemy attacks, making them harder to kill. Fortified Legends are also completely immune to the slow effect that comes with being shot.

Again, it sounds powerful, but the reason it's needed is because these Legends are comparatively large targets that are far easier to land shots on than other Legends.

The characters with the Fortified perk are:

That's all you need to know about the Low Profile and Fortified perks in Apex Legends, so hopefully this quick guide has cleared things up for you. While you're here, you may want to take a look at our guide on the best Apex Legends characters to choose from in Season 8.

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