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This Doom II beat 'em up mod lets you punch and fling demons around

Brawl those baddies right back to hell

Kicking demons off Earth with a generous application of bullets is swell, sure. A bit impersonal though, right? Thanks to this new Doom II mod, the Doomslayerguy can turn hell's residents into pools of blood with his own two fists. Doom Fighters turns yon classic FPS into a third-person brawler where you can uppercut and chuck baddies all over the place. You can snag it right now or just appreciate the excellent biff baffing demon slapping in this trailer.

You can find Doom Fighters over on ModDB, which creator "edypagaza" calls "pure brawling action". Spot all the excellent fisticuffs down here in the Doom Fighters trailer, showing off Doom Slayer in his 3D, third-person glory.

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There's all the one-two punching, which is grand, of course. Picking enemies up and hurling them across rooms looks terribly satisfying as well. If that's not enough though, oh look, there's the Doom Eternal's giant, red Crucible sword too. Why not?

Edypagaza says this is the first release of the Doom Fighters mod, with future versions intended to add executions, alternate deaths, more weapons, and even destructible environments. There's more than that, even. Edypagaza doesn't intend for the Doomdude to go it alone forever. They're intending to add an NPC character to brawl with you and eventually multiplayer as well.

Of course the Doom Slayer is exempt from any suggestions that bringing your fists to a netherworld gunfight isn't recommended. He seems to be doing just fine taking bullets to the fist. I do wonder what other types of weapons Edypagaza will deem worthy of beat 'em up Doom in the future. More swords? Doom 3's flashlight? A shotgun without any bullets used purely for melee?

In other excellent Doom-ing mods, there's also that recent one about defeating Margaret Thatcher and a list of other best Doom mods.

Ta, PC Gamer.

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