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Jeremy Corbyn played a Doom mod that lets you kill Margaret Thatcher

Red vs. blue

Ex-Labour Party head and leader of the UK parliamentary opposition Jeremy Corbyn was spotted engaging in some quality gaming time over the weekend, taking on the Iron Lady in Doom 2 mod Thatcher’s Techbase. The left-winger and lifelong reader of Rail magazine got his thumbs a-twiddlin’ for a special arcade version of the mod while at The World Transformed, a festival being held in Liverpool that celebrates radical politics, art, and culture. This is what he’s doing instead of singing God Save The King at the party conference then.

Cover image for YouTube videoThatcher's Techbase trailer
Thatcher's Techbase imagines a world where former Conservative Party leader and Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher turns the UK into Hell.

AliceO. first brought Thatcher’s Techbase to our attention a year ago, and the mod actually reached its first anniversary on Saturday. It’s a hefty piece of moddage, featuring the funky musical talents of Paradise Killer’s Barry “Epoch” Topping and voicework from Hades actor Laila Berzins. Oh, and CyberThatcher claiming the United Kingdom as the tenth circle of Hell. Judging from the state of the political and economic landscape compared with when Thatcher’s Techbase was released, it's looking more like the place than ever.

Corbyn doesn’t seem to have gone as far as giving Thatcher’s Techbase a thumbs up, but director Jim Purvis tweeted that “he liked the game”. Considering the many, many demons wearing the face of Thatcher in it, I’m not entirely surprised by that. Purvis said that the arcade edition of Thatcher’s Techbase had been produced for The World Transformed to support charity Living Rent, who are working for tenants’ rights in Scotland.

You can have a go at Thatcher’s Techbase yourself by downloading the mod here. I bet Jeremy did when he got home.

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