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This new Doom mod will let you send Thatcher back to Hell

You must watch this astonishing trailer

Next week, reviled former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher will rise from her grave to bring Hell back to Earth, and only one space marine can stop her. Announced today, Thatcher's Techbase is an upcoming mod for classic Doom which ventures in the tenth circle of Hell (aka the United Kingdom) to battle the demonic forces of the Iron Lady. Modding politicians into games is a vintage jape but Thatcher's Techbase makes a real effort with custom art, its own campaign, music from Paradise Killer's composer, and apparently even the voice behind Demeter and Persephone in Hades. Watch this trailer.

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Apparently a real thing. Amazing. Off we'll go into the hellish United Kingdom (complete with Union Flag bunting, old political posters, Silk Cut, and Tennent's Lager) to bust demons and melt the Iron Lady. Or Iron Ladies, as it seems she's been merged with demons including the Cyberdemon, Arachnotron, and Icon Of Sin. To help, we'll have weapons including the British Gauss Gun, a Trident Launcher, and the BFG 1990. And yeah, it has co-op and deathmatch so you can romp through the UK with your pals.

The mod's due to launch next Friday, the 24th of September. It'll be a Boom-compatible wad so whatever can run that (and what doesn't run Doom?) will be good.

Thatcher's Techbase is directed by Jim Purvis, made with a team of folks including Paradise Killer composer Barry "Epoch" Topping and Hades voice actor Laila Berzins. See the mod's website for more info. Even it this turned out to be a mock-up for a laugh, they'd have put in the effort for a solid hoax and that would good enough for me.

Epoch says he plans to release the Thatcher's Techbase tunes in classic low-fi Doom-y form as well as fancier versions:

Thatcher's Techbase will be free, though the website does suggest you could donate to organisations such as the Hillsborough Justice Campaign, Stonewall, or the Coal Industry Social Welfare Organisation. Checks out, given the dedication in the credits:

The dedication in the credits for Doom mod Thatcher's Techbase, which reads: 'This game is dedicated to EVERYONE MARGARET THATCHER HATED and EVERYONE WHO HATED MARGARET THATCHER'

With a fair few Scottish folks involved, it's no surprise that the mod will seemingly, in some way, honk back to a classic Limmy moment too:

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