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Our 'best premium gaming headset' pick, Logitech's G Pro X, is £63 today

An incredible value for a comfy, great-sounding headset that debuted at £110.

The Logitech G Pro X is a fantastic headset - a comfy and well-built premium option that sounds fantastic. Today, it's not so premium any more, as Currys has discounted the headset from its original RRP of £110 to just £62.99 - a massive bargain. To get that price, you'll need to use code FNDDGAMING at the checkout.

We've discussed the G Pro X here at RPS before, including in 2019 when Katharine dubbed the headset 'our new best gaming headset' in her review. That recommendation has persisted all the way into the latter stages of 2021, where the headset remains our pick for 'best premium gaming headset'.

There's a lot the headset gets right, but I'm a particular fan of its ear cups. You actually get two styles in the box - a leatherette option that provides stronger bass and an athletic fabric alternative that's (for me) more comfortable and airier. It's so rare to get the option right in the box, and speaks to the effort that Logitech have made to suit a wide range of people with their high-end wired gaming headset.

The microphone on the G Pro X is also impressive. It beats even the best wireless headsets into a cocked hat, while putting up a competitive fight against the best wired headsets too. The optional G Hub software gives you the chance to tweak your sound, cutting out aural distractions or changing the colour of your voice, and with a bit of quick tuning this can make a huge difference. Logitech even make an aftermarket 'Blue Icepop' microphone that can replace the default mic with a bigger and better-sounding version - super cool.

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If you're after a new gaming headset, do give this deal your full attention. I still find myself going back to the G Pro X, even with a bunch of options coming across my desk every week, and the number of positive reviews out there for this headset show that I'm not the only one in love with it!

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