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Truck Simulator now supports mods in multiplayer

'Cause we got a modded convoy rockin' through the night

After adding official multiplayer modes to American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2, developers SCS Software have now made both support mods in multiplayer too. They're games many truckers mod with the trucks and decor of their dreams, so it'll be nice to show everyone your true truck self. I'd call this your drivatar but Forza has already claimed that.

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Multiplayer mod support arrived with update 1.42 yesterday. The Convoy mode server browser will notify you when a server is modded, and pop open helpful Steam Workshop windows to download any mods you don't have. You can run Convoy with mods not on the Steam Workshop, but players will need to find the downloads manually.

"We expect a majority of popular modifications to work from the get-go with this update, however, there may be some compatibility issues with others," SCS say. Audio mods will only be heard by the user unless they're configured to work for everyone, for one. Some vehicle, trailer, and cargo mods might need work to show properly for others too.

Currently Convoy is capped to a maximum of 70 mods per session, though this may change. The devs say, "We understand that a smaller percentage of our community may use more than this number and we will continue to monitor feedback made across our social media channels to tweak and make adjustments in the future if we see it necessary."

I like the idea of Convoy. I want to keep on truckin' with my fellow truckatars, but I've never tried it. My enthusiasm for tourism in American Truck Sim means I'm great at the America part and terrible at any aspect of Truck. I'd be mortified if my attempts to wedge my truck somewhere odd so I can admire a view ended up causing a huge tailback and trapped other drivers. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm trying to fix it.

Update 1.42 also updated the game's force feedback for steering wheel controllers. SCS say the old FFB was "a group of artificially set up effects", and the new one combines some of those old artificial effects with new centering and friction effects "based on real calculations from forces on the first steering axle" as you drive. It's meant to be more realistic this way. I see some Logitech wheelfolk aren't super chuffed with how it feels now, mind.

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