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American Truck Simulator's Arkansas DLC is under development

The nature state

A lorry carrying logs drives past a Taco Kingdom fast food joint in American Truck Simulator's Arkansas expansion.
Image credit: SCS Software

American Truck Simulator has, by my count, now added eleven extra states as DLC over and above the two it launched with. That means there's a long way to go before it completely unites the states as one country under 18-wheels, but SCS Software are continuing their efforts with the announcement of a third in-development expansion: Arkansas.

"Located in the south-central region of the United States, the state is a nature wonderland with three national forests, over 40 State Parks, nearly 9,000 miles of pristine streams and rivers like the Arkansas and Mississippi, as well as the ever-stretching Ozark and Quachita mountain ranges," says the announcement blog. "While hauling cargo, you will be able to not only see these beautiful landscapes and areas, but travel through a variety of large and small towns and cities, where you'll find industries, landmarks and more."

There are a bunch of screenshots through in the annoucement post.

In August, SCS released an Oklahoma expansion. Back in January, they announced that a Kansas expansion would follow Oklahoma, and last month they announced that work was also underway in Nebraska.

All of which is on top of ongoing efforts to revamp the previously released California, one of the game's two original states.

American Truck Simulator is one of our picks for the best non-violent games on PC, which obviously fails to consider how often I crash into other vehicles on the road.

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