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American Truck Simulator's Montana DLC is available now

If you fancy some Sunday delivery driving

A screenshot of American Truck Simulator's Montana expansion, showing a curved road, a truck, and a lotta trees.
Image credit: Image Credit: SCS Software

Last week I left the factory loading bay with the news that American Truck Simulator latest DLC had a release date, but it seems only fair I complete the job and deliver the news that: hey, American Truck Simulator's Montana DLC is out now.

When I used to watch trucking videos on YouTube, it was states like Montana that I most enjoyed seeing. States with vast, distinctly American landscapes, and lots of mid-sized cities that I'm unlikely to ever find cause to visit in real life. These towns were great for triggering a feeling of wistful longing, and so it is when I see some of those sorts of towns in the trailer above.

American Truck Sim's Montana DLC contains 15 cities and 17 settlements, including "accurate represnetations" of Helena, Bozeman, Missoula, and Kalispell. You'll drive between these destinations to serve industries ranging from sugar plants, talc factories, and silane gas distributors, and enjoy the vistas of Glacier National Park and part of Yellowstone National Park as you go.

To mark the launch, there are extra rewards to be earned if you visit 12 in-game cities and complete a certain amount of miles before September 25th. A post with the details on the SCS Software blog says they've made it a distant deadline because they didn't want anyone to feel pressure to rush through the DLC. I appreciate that, given these games are primarily about relaxation.

If you're interested, you can pick up the Montana DLC for £10/€12 from Steam.

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