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Destiny 2 celebrates Halloween with dinosaur costumes today

And... some sort of angry Pingu Moon mask?

Today is apparently the day for live service games to start Halloween events, with Destiny 2 throwing its wizard hat into the ritual ring too. Festival Of The Lost returns for another year at reset time today, with some welcome new elements. For one, the tired Haunted Forest event is replaced by Haunted Lost Sectors. For another, this year's seasonal outfit is DINOSAUR COSTUMES. Rawr!

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Our favourite spacegrandma, Eva Levante will return again to lead the year's festivities. Visit her in the tower and she'll send you out for bounties, masks, and adventure. This year Bungie have binned the so-so Haunted Forest as the event mode, introducing Haunted Lost Sectors as a replacement. They're a matchmade activity visiting spooky versions of three Lost Sectors, with three spooky stories.

"Headless creatures stalk the dark crevasses of the Moon," Bungie say, "a Guardian is hunted on Nessus, and the shocking result of a Vex Mind and an Exo merging into something new and terrifying."

Eva's prizes to earn will include the Headless Horsepower exotic sparrow, the old Halloween weapons, and the new Jurassic Green pulse rifle. Like the classic spooky Braytech Werewolf, it appears to be a fancy alternate version of an existent gun, in this case the Lincoln Green with reptile scales stuck on. Lincoln is a rapid fire pulse, a fun frame type right now, so it'll be nice to have an updated one with new perks.

Wearing the Honk Moon mask in a Destiny 2: Festival of the Lost screenshot.

Her little tangle of event systems with candy and bags and lore pages and things will also offer paper masks for us to collect and wear. The new ones are Ada-1, Taniks, Eramis, a Sweeper Bot, a Pyramid with cute little paper clouds, and... a Honk Moon? Is this the Moon as an angry Pingu? Honkmoon might be a meme, riffing on the Hawkmoon gun, but I'd swear that's Pingu.

The most-anticpated part of the whole event, though, is the new armour look coming to the Eververse store: dinosaurs. Having beaten movie monster costumes in a vote, these new sets of ornaments let Guardians dress up as mecha-dinosaurs. Cos, you know, we're mostly in the galactic hero game to satisfy our satorial desires. I think Hunters dress as raptors (some member of Dromaeosauridae anyway?), Warlocks are Triceratops, and Titans bulk up as the Tyrannosaurus rex. These Halloween outfits are sold either for Bright Dust (the currency we can earn, usually 6000 BD for a set) or Silver (the one you have to buy).

The event starts today at 6pm UK time (10am Pacific) then will end at reset on the 2nd of November.

See the event page for the flashy overview and Bungie's guide page for more specifics.

Bungie recently announced plans to remove the Forsaken story campaign and the Tangle Shore location when the next expansion launches in February, stashing them in the Destiny Content Vault. A raid and several PvP maps will be removed in exchange, at least. And before then, Forsakens story will be free for all players, from December 7th.

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