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Destiny 2 plans to fix the 12-player raid glitch this month, so try it while you can

It's daft, and messy, and a lot of fun

If you fancy playing with the daft Destiny 2 exploit which lets 12 players cram into activities very much not intended for 12 players, good news: Bungie aren't patching it out just yet. In their latest weekly dev blog, they said they do plan to fix the glitch (or try to, at least), but we have a while yet to enjoy raiding with a "clown car of Guardians". Oh, and Bungie want to know: would you rather dress up as a monster or a dinosaur?

We've been watching the 12-player raid hype and are glad you're enjoying yourselves," Bungie community manager "Cozmo" said in the the This Week At Bungie post. "We aren't rushing out a fix for this and it's totally fine if you want to try it out and have some fun. Just keep in mind that we didn't create these activities expecting a clown car of Guardians to roll up, so you may experience some weirdness."

A Destiny 2 screenshot showing Taniks in the Deep Stone Crypt raid.
Taniks must be pure raging that now there are TWELVE of these gits out for him?

I seen a bit of weirdness in the Deep Stone Crypt, with some fights getting a bit laggy and loot taking a while to spawn. But otherwise, yep, happily hooned around Europa, up into space, and back down again with 12 clowns.

If you fancy a go, follow these instructions for the skinny on merging fireteams, and Ive heard these extra tips make the glitch easier. It's not just raids, you can also cram 12 Guardians into activities including Strikes and the Presage mission.

"We are planning on fixing this before Grandmaster Nightfall's begin on March 16, but you are free to party up until the fix goes live," Cozmo said. 12 Guardians would make a mockery of that mega-murderous difficulty level, I suppose.

Oh, before I forget: fans of Telesto—ever the besto—will be delighted to learn the bubble-blasting fusion rifle has continued its streak of breaking Destiny. As YouTuber "Cheese Forever" demonstrated, 12 players with Telesto crammed into some raids can outright crash the game. Telesto baby, you've done it again.

Cover image for YouTube video12 Telesto Crash The Game - Game Breaking

Elsewhere in the TWAB, Bungie showed off concept art for two potential sets of armour for the Halloween event, Festival Of The Lost, this year. They want to know: would you rather have more movie monsters, or dinosaurs?

Concept art for monster and dinosaur costumes in Destiny 2.
Monsters? Or dinosaurs?

Place your vote over here. I'm tempted by dinosaurs, even if I do think a pterodactyl would fit Warlocks better (yes I know they weren't dinosaurs, shut up). Though I'm only now realising OH WAIT that Hunter monster isn't an alligator, it's meant to be Godzilla, isn't it? No, sorry, I can't say no to Godzilla.

A month into Destiny's current season, I'm quite enjoying this one. The three-player Battlegrounds are a wonderful amount of violence, and the story behind it actually has me interested in crushing the Cabal for the millionth time. Presage is a nice bit of horror. And that Crow is a dear sweet child, isn't he? Though I am sorry that the new version of the Umbral Engram system is so bad compared to the original - and that we've lost Drifter's talking bin. The solid plans for next season onwards sound good too, including ending tedious sunsetting.

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