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Bungie reveal fixes for Destiny 2 The Final Shape DLC connection bugs, as players battle weirdly scented error codes

Rolling server restart puts paid to rogue Currants

Cayde-6 and Ikora look at a giant pink triangle looming over valley in Destiny 2: The Final Shape's CG trailer.
Image credit: Bungie

I've set aside some time this evening for Destiny 2's latest expansion The Final Shape, which launched last night. My pal Liam suggested we play this evening because Bungie's servers would inevitably go up in flames the moment it launched. And what do you know? The right decision was made. Are we smug about it? Yes. Anyway, the good news is that Bungie have put out a few of those fires, though there are still a few bugs to fix.

In a diary entry-style series of Xweets, Bungie have jotted down things they've tackled so far and things they're working on. Those include sign-on issues and a range of errors with codenames that make them sound like very dubious makes of scented candle. Namely, "Honeydew" errors have been squashed, alongside "Weasel" and "Plum".

Bungie also began a rolling restart of their servers at 8:45am PDT (4:45am BST) this morning. This has led to the extinguishing of a few more scented candles/connection problems, including "Currant" errors that kicked players from activities. However, pesky "Cabbage" and "Weasel" errors are back on the rise, and Bungie are continuing to monitor things until all is resolved.

Bungie say that if you've missed a cutscene thanks to these crashes and errors, you can always go back and replay the mission via the "Replayable Missions" node in the middle of the Pale Heart map (the new expansion area).

Reviews over on Steam are "Mostly Negative", unsurprisingly, as folks express their dismay at the server fire. Besides the obvious frustration, there's some positivity surrounding The Final Shape's campaign, with folks saying it's "a blast" and "leagues better than Lightfall", the previous piece of Destiny 2 DLC.

I'll report back on my Final Shape findings at some stage, as Liam and I shoot some triangles, plunge some orbs into sockets, and try out the new Prismatic subclass. I'm looking to mix Arc with Strand, for no real reason other than I like the idea of mixing electricity with Matrix goop.

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