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The Accessible Games Database helps find games with the features you need

With tons of filters to search by

Accessibility options for games, big and small, have become a more frequent topic of conversation in the last few years. Even just recently, Destiny 2 is adding a full-auto mode while EA are sharing their accesibility feature patents. Depending on what features you need access to though, it can still be a chore to find out exactly what options a game will support. The recently launched Accessible Games Database aims to help catalog games by a list of different accessibility features. It's launched with over 140 games logged so far, and the creators say they're planning to add more every day.

Run by Dagersystem, the Accessible Games Database tracks accessibility features like how much control a player has over rebinding controls in a game, interface and color settings, subtitle styles, and more. What makes it particularly useful is that you don't need to individually hunt down games you might be interested in. The AGD allows you to filter its catalog of games based on those criteria, helping you discover games you might not have known supported certain features.

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If you search for games with subtitles that indicate the speaker and also describe sound effects, for instance, you'll find Assassin's Creed: Valhalla, AC: Origins, and AC: Syndicate all on the list along with tons of other choices. The AGD also has filters for general criteria like platform, age rating, and genre.

Over on Twitter, Dagersystem say that there are plans to expand and that "the current filtering is by no means final, and we have plans to add many more features in the coming weeks." Features such as invincibility modes and voice control are some of the upcoming filter considerations.

By the by, Xbox also just recently announced that they'll be adding accessibility feature meta tags to games on the Microsoft Store.

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