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Razer's Viper Ultimate mouse is nearly £100 off at Amazon UK

A tremendous wireless mouse with optical switches and a winning lightweight design.

As I've mentioned before, the Razer Viper is one of my favourite ultralight gaming mice of all time, and today the Ultimate wireless version is marked it down from £170 all the way to £73 at Amazon UK.

That's an incredibly good price considering this is the model that comes with a handy charging dock to ensure your mouse is always topped up without ever fussing with a cable.

That's a big discount on a genuinely top-end mouse, which has attracted warm reviews all over the 'net. The Viper Ultimate is a good all-rounder, I reckon - its lightweight design makes it ideal for FPS games like Doom or Apex Legends, where you want to be able to snap to new targets quickly, but the Viper achieves this without being super tiny or drilling tons of holes in its body. The left and right mouse buttons feel crisp, but not so clicky as to be annoying. There are side buttons on both sides, so left-handers can use it as comfortably as right-handers.

And of course, that wireless connection means you don't have a cable dragging you down. If you've not tried a wireless mouse as of late because of their old reputation for being laggy or unreliable, it's well worth trying the Viper Ultimate - I've never found it to lose connection, and its latency is literally the same as a wired mouse - wireless tech has come a long way, it seems!

Former hardware editor (and current RPS mob boss) Katharine is also found of the Viper, having tested it out in the heady days of 2019. She called it "one of the best ambidextrous mice" she'd ever tried, citing its "comfy design" and "wonderfully lightweight chassis". That sounds spot on to me, and these were words of praise for a mouse that at the time cost £80 - and that's just for the cheaper wired version. So getting the inarguably superior wireless model for £7 less than that is a cracker of a deal, in my eyes at least.

Looking at the handy price history graph generated by Keepa, the Viper Ultimate with Dock has only been below £74 once before now, and that was only for a two-day stretch at the beginning of October. Before that, this model has been £90 for most of 2021, and was anywhere from £100 to £150 for 2020. Suffice it to say, this is a historic low price that we're unlikely to see bested any time in the near future.

What sort of gaming mice do you prefer? If the Viper Ultimate doesn't sound like it quite fits the bill, then check our roundup of the best gaming mice for more food for thought.

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Thanks for checking out the deal and we'll catch you on the next one very soon. Cheerio!

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