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Stranger Of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin is coming March 18th

And the new trailer doesn't growl about chaos at all

Square Enix today announced a release date of March 18th, 2022 for Stranger Of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin, the curious action-RPG spin-off made by the studio behind Nioh, Team Ninja. A new trailer is here too and I have to say it looks more Final Fantasy-y and less less ha-ha-hilariously edgy than June's announcement trailer. It still looks plenty edgy, mind: watch out for the poor wee cactrot which gets... turned into a blood crystal and exploded?

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See? That's a classic fantasy king right there. And a cheery pirate with strings of pearls and gems. And lots of chat about crystals and the four elements and prophecy and warriors of light. And absolutely no grim growling about 'killing Chaos'. Yeah man, that's some Final Fantasy alright.

That does make it a bit jarring when you see murderous finishing moves but hey, what else would you expect from the studio behind Nioh, Ninja Gaiden, and Dead Or Alive?

Stranger Of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin is coming March 18th via the Epic Games Store, as Square Enix annoyingly are wont to do with RPGs on PC these days. It'll also be on PlayStations and Xboxes. A second demo (this time with multiplayer) is coming to consoles soon but still no mention of PC seeing either demo, boo.

One thing notably absent from Squeenix's Tokyo Game Show presentation was any mention of Final Fantasy VII Remake coming to PC. Come onnn. It's been months since people found Epic Games Store data mentioning FF7 Remake and still nothing.

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