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The Weekspot podcast: The Steampal might be your new best friend

Here, bud

Many have tried to muscle in on the Nintendo-controlled market of video games, but smaller. And, if the rumours are to be believed, Valve are gearing up to be the latest to give it a go.

As we enter E3 season, Headlines & Hot Takes gets beefier and beefier. But, yes, we start off discussing the recent rumblings that there's a Switch-like handheld called Steampal coming from Valve. We also discuss last week's reintroduction of Dying Light 2, during the brilliantly named Dying 2 Know presentation. And we chat a bit about Final Fantasy Origin, the FF spinoff that's supposedly in the works at Team Ninja.

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We recorded this a little ahead of time, because of the UK bank holiday, so neither of us had loads of time to play games for Show and Tell. But, I gave Erica – the FMV game that first launched on PlayStation in 2019 – a go, I and wasn't overly impressed. I have a fondness for FMV games, but this one didn't hit the mark. Meanwhile, Matthew played through the beautifully grim point-and-click adventure game Strangeland.

This week's Mystery Steam Reviews is all about games RPS awarded with a Bestest Best. And we round out the show by opening The Weekspot mailbag to answer your Burning Questions on interviewees, rage-quitting and summer plans.

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