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Dying Light 2 is getting a crossover event with The Walking Dead

And it looks to be based around the comic, not the TV show

Zombie video game Dying Light 2 will meet zombie comic-book series The Walking Dead in an upcoming crossover event that will probably involve zombies.

That’s the “breaking news” as per the official Dying Light Twitter account, which dug through the currently rotting corpse of a billionaire manbaby’s social media platform to announce that the devs at Techland would be joining forces with Walking Dead publisher Skybound for a “thrilling crossover event”.

“Survive, scavenge, and slay the undead like never before!” the post added, with zero sense of hyperbole.

“We know a thing or two about fighting the undead,” the official The Walking Dead account replied, in that way that brands now talk to each other like real, living people.

That’s about all we know for now, as Techland simply asked players to “stay tuned for more info”.

However, from a generous read of the accompanying image, it looks like the Dying Light X Walking Dead event will be based on Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore’s original comics, rather than its later TV show adaptation - which, fittingly, refused to die for at least a good number of seasons past its peak.

The picture shows Dying Light 2 survivor Vincenzo standing over a grave marked for his father, NPC craftsmaster Alberto, drawn in Moore’s distinct style. (Which was later continued by prolific Walking Dead illustrator Charlie Adlard.)

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After years of delays amid reports of a toxic culture at the studio, Dying Light 2 finally released last February. At the time, Matthew called it “a polished sequel that lacks bite” in our review.

In the meantime, Techland has moved onto their next project, an open-world fantasy action-RPG.

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