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Dying Light 1 now on Epic with store and OS crossplay

Currently 60% off

A screenshot of Dying Light 1 showing a knife-wielding, mask-wearing enemy.
Image credit: Techland

Dying Light 2 released earlier this month, but that doesn't mean the first game of zombie-parkour-survival no longer has value. Developers Techland don't seem to be abandoning it, either: Dying Light Enhanced Edition is now available via the Epic Games Store, with a sizeable launch discount, and it now has crossplay so owners across Steam, Epic and GOG, whether on Windows, MacOS or Linux, can play co-op together.

If you pick up Dying Light Enhanced Edition from its new home on Epic before March 7th, you'll get it for 60% off, which is £8.39. The Enhanced Edition also includes The Following, the game's DLC which adds a vehicle and trades the claustrophobic city for the great outdoors.

"Dying Light is the Frankenstein's monster of AAA games, an undead craft project made up of scavenged parts," wrote Adam (RPS in peace) in his Dying Light 2 review back when. "As with the monster, however, Techland's latest is more than a shambling, stitched up chimera. The movement and melee feel solid and convincing, and although the world isn't as varied as I might have liked, it's a fantastic playground for thousands of emergent scenes, from panicked horror to improvised farce."

"The buggy, like the rooftops, is a temporary form of safety. All of the enhancements in the latest edition – new loot, new levels, new end-game excess – are icing on the cake," he wrote in his review of The Following. "Dying Light is about creating moments of safety, empowerment and comedic triumph in a world that wants nothing more than to tear you down, and The Following is a perfect expansion of that central tenet."

High praise! And arguably more effusive than Matthew's more recent Dying Light 2 review.

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