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Dying Light: Enhanced Edition is currently free to keep from Epic

The zombie parkour 'em up and excellent expansion

A screenshot of Dying Light 1 showing a knife-wielding, mask-wearing enemy.
Image credit: Techland

Dying Light 2 came out last year, but the polished zombie-parkour sequel didn't make its predecessor obsolete. If what you're after is a more freeform, organic open world in which to survive, then the first Dying Light is arguably the better choice. Good news: its currently free-to-keep from the Epic Games Store alongside its excellent expansion.

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Head to the Dying Light: Enhanced Edition page on the Epic Games Store from now until April 13th and you can add the game to your account for free. It's yours to keep forever.

Dying Light's trick is that its city streets are more dangerous at night. As you explore open world areas, a countdown will tell you how long you have until night falls, and if you're caught at ground level in the dark you're likely to be overrun by undead. Thankfully you have parkour skills - more Mirror's Edge than Assassin's Creed - which let you bound up walls and across rooftops and hopefully back to your safehouse. It's a smart, systemic design that creates an adrenaline rush as you just-barely escape or disastrously stumble and fall. Adam loved it in his original Dying Light review.

He loved The Following expansion in his review of that, too. The Following takes the same core systems and adds a customisable buggy to drive around a larger, more open section of the same world. If Dying Light is 'the floor is lava', then "the buggy is the pillow that you chuck on the floor and then scooch across the room little by little using the soles of your feet," Adam wrote.

There's another freebie available from the Epic Games Store, but it's not what we expected. Earlier this week pirate battle royale Blazing Sails was listed as being available today, but instead it's factory construction sim Shapez that is yours to keep if you grab it before April 13th.

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