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Dying Light’s Hellraid DLC brings magic to Harran with its final update

Now with added boomstick

Ageing zombie-ridden survival platformer Dying Light is receiving one final free update to its Hellraid mode on May 5th, Techland have announced, and it will let you take magic items into the city of Harran. Hellraid’s cursed arcade cabinet will sell you wands in its shop and let you carry them back to the main game, usually known more for its face-eating. It’s a shame Dying Light’s protag Kyle Crane isn’t silent or I could’ve role-played this as Sooty.

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Hellraid’s armoury has been reworked as part of the update so you can store all weapons and items there. This update sees the arrival of Hellraid’s only firearm, the Deathbringer shotgun, which you can nab by completing the Loaded for the Undead bounty. Thirteen new weapon blueprints are included in the update too. There’s the usual array of bug fixes, which Techland promise to detail in the full patch notes a few days from now. A cryptic tweet also hinted at more upcoming changes to the original Dying Light.

Techland have also said that Dying Light’s free PvP Be The Zombie mode is being updated alongside Hellraid with some tweaks including the ability to spit on survivors to block them from tracking you, along with removing some weapons for balance’s sake. Check out the full list of changes here.

Hellraid launched in 2020 and is something of an oddity, apparently based on an abandoned game that Techland ditched development of years ago. I’ve never played it, but that shotgun looks chunky af. The devilish DLC is currently on sale at Steam for £4/$5/€5.

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