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Techland's cancelled game Hellraid is being resurrected as Dying Light DLC

Here's to Hell

How often does a game get new DLC five years on? Maybe more often than I can recall offhand but hey, here's Dying Light announcing an upcoming DLC for its zombie action parkour world from 2015. As with the main game, you'll be able to dive into Dying Light - Hellraid either alone or with friends. It's planned for release sometime this summer.

Apparently nobody knows where the spooky arcade cabinet came from. It just appeared in the basement of the Tower after a power outage and, having learned no lessons from 80s after school specials, folks just decided to hook it up and play it. "Explore a new dungeon area, arm yourself with brand-new weapons, and face vicious enemies straight from the depths of Hell," Techland say. Ah grand, so like Jumanji but a hellish arcade cabinet instead of a devious board game.

Interestingly, Hellraid is apparently the legacy of a totally different Techland game that got the can years ago. In Hellraid the DLC's description, they refer to the now definitely dead Hellraid the game as a "first-person fantasy slasher."

Hellraid will be available sometime this summer, though Techland did not mention a date or price with the announcement. You can find it on Steam.

By the by, another thing we don't have a date for is Dying Light 2. Back in January, Techland announced that the sequel would be delayed but have not yet committed to a new date. Here's all our other info about Dying Light 2's release and trailers.

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