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Dying Light 2 is delayed to an unknown date

Delay season claims another game

Techland have been at work for a few years on the sequel to their 2015 zombie parkour game. Dying Light 2 was originally planned for a spring 2020 release but the developers have announced today that the sequel will be delayed so that it can meet the "high standards" of Techland and its fans.

Techland say in their announcement that they "need more development time to fulfill our vision." They don't name a new date or timeframe for Dying Light 2's launch. Instead, Techland say they will share more details in the next few months as they have more information.

Matt was sold when he played the Dying Light 2 preview at E3 last year. He said, succinctly, "it’s Mirrors Edge with zombies, and it works." Before playing, Matt says he wasn't convinced that Dying Light 2 would pull off the abundance of branching choices that Techland claimed it would have. During the preview he got "a neat illustration of how your choices can have a radical impact on the world."

Techland's goal of players only seeing 50% of the story in a single playthrough is an ambitious one. It seems that hitting the mark will take more time. The developers say they "want to deliver exactly what we promised."

You can add Dying Light 2 to your wishlist on Steam until a new release window is announced.

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