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Dying Light 2 Inhibitor locations map: where to find all 126 Inhibitors in the game

Use this map to find all 126 Inhibitors in Dying Light 2

Want to know how to track down all the Dying Light 2 Inhibitor locations? Dying Light 2 takes a different route to its predecessor when it comes to progressing and upgrading your character. The foundation of Dying Light 2's upgrade system is the Inhibitor - a collectible chemical which Aiden can inject into himself to increase various attributes such as health and stamina, and unlock new abilities to boot.

Below you'll find maps of all the Dying Light 2 Inhibitor locations in each district of the city of Villedor. In this guide you'll also learn how to track down the location of all 126 Inhibitors in Dying Light 2 using two very important Nightrunner tools at your disposal: the GRE Access Key, and (later on) the far more powerful GRE Detector.

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In Dying Light 2, Inhibitors are special chemical injections which help to combat the Harran virus. In game terms, they serve to increase your maximum health, stamina, and immunity.

With every 3 Inhibitors collected, you can choose either to increase your maximum health or your maximum stamina by 20 points. Whichever you choose, your maximum immunity will also increase, allowing you to spend more time in the dark and at night.

The greater your maximum health and stamina, the more skills you'll be able to unlock from the combat and parkour skill trees respectively. Inhibitors are therefore the most important collectible item in the game (despite being far more common than certain items such as Military Tech), as they form the foundation of all character progression in Dying Light 2.

Dying Light 2 Inhibitor locations map

A composite map of Villedor in Dying Light 2, with Old Villedor on the left and the Central Loop on the right. The locations of all Inhibitors are marked on the map.
The base map was taken from SwissGameGuides' Dying Light 2 Interactive map.

There is a grand total of 126 Inhibitors to find in Dying Light 2. You earn 6 very early in the story as part of scripted quest sequences. As for the other 120, some of them you'll run into while playing through the main story, while others may require quite a bit of exploring off the beaten path to obtain. Almost all of them are hidden inside crates or safes.

You can use the above map to find out where every single Inhibitor in Dying Light 2 can be found. Note that certain close-together Inhibitors have been grouped under a single marker.

How to find Inhibitors

You can find Inhibitors scattered all across Villedor. Many of them are related to specific activities: for example, GRE Anomaly areas will always award you with 2 Inhibitors once you clear out the Revenant Infected there. GRE Quarantine areas each contain 4 Inhibitors, so it's well worth tracking them down if you want to earn lots of Inhibitors in a short space of time.

Whenever you get within 50 metres of an Inhibitor, your GRE Access Key will notify you with a voiceline, and an icon will appear in the lower left of your screen. Pay attention to this icon: it tells you in real-time exactly how many metres away you are from the Inhibitor, so you can use this to easily track it down.

Once you're within 10 metres or so, you'll be able to use your Survivor Sense to locate the Inhibitor visually, which should make tracking down that Inhibitor easy from then onward.

The tutorial screen for the GRE Detector in Dying Light 2, which explains how to use the tool to find Inhibitors.

The GRE Detector tool

Like all Nightrunner tools, you unlock the GRE Detector at a certain point in the main story. In this case, you unlock the GRE Detector as part of the main story quest "Broadcast" (which incidentally is also where you unlock the Grappling Hook, and where you can find a fantastic spot for farming Infected Trophies). After you meet back up with Lieutenant Rowe on the 8th floor of the VNC Tower, he'll give you the GRE Detector in preparation for scaling the tower.

Once you unlock the GRE Detector Nightrunner tool, you'll be able to view on the map all Inhibitor locations within the ranges of active Radio Towers. All you have to do is activate the few radio towers scattered about Villedor, and you'll be able to see where every single Inhibitor in the game resides. One of these radio towers is unlocked as part of that same main story quest "Broadcast", so after that point you'll be able to see every Inhibitor within a significant portion of the Central Loop around that tower. The other radio towers will work in much the same way, allowing you to pinpoint individual Inhibitor locations on the in-game map.

Dying Light 2 Radio Tower locations

Here's where to find each Radio Tower:

  • For all of Old Villedor: Saint Joseph Medical Radio Relay high up on the border between Houndfield and Trinity.
  • For Garrison: The VNC Tower (this must be completed as part of the "Broadcast" story quest).
  • For New Dawn Park and Downtown: Historical Communications Tower found in the northwest cluster of tall buildings in Downtown.
  • For The Wharf and Muddy Grounds: North Loop Radio Tower, the tallest building in The Wharf district.
  • For Lower Dam Ayre and Saint Paul Island: South Loop Radio Tower, next to the bridge in the west of Lower Dam Ayre.
  • For Newfound Lost Lands, Horizon Village, West Borough, and East Borough: Newfound Land Military Relay in the south-west corner of West Borough.

Note: Horizon Village, West Borough, and East Borough together make up the areas to the south of Newfound Lost Lands. They only appear as defined zones if you take a particular route through the Epilogue. But they're still traversible at any time in any playthrough even if they don't appear as defined zones. And you'll need to go there if you want to find all the Inhibitors in the game.

Scavenging for resources in the zombie apocalypse is best done with the help of friends, whether real or virtual, so be sure to check out our guides to Dying Light 2 multiplayer and Dying Light 2 factions to learn how to join up with both NPCs and IRL buddies in the game.

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