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How to unlock the Grappling Hook in Dying Light 2

Learn when and how you unlock Dying Light 2's Grappling Hook

Want to know when you'll unlock the Grappling Hook in Dying Light 2? The Grappling Hook is one of the most important and powerful parkour tools in Dying Light 2, allowing you to easily cross large gaps and scale tall buildings by swinging from point to point. In Dying Light 1, you could unlock the Grappling Hook simply by progressing far enough down one of the game's skill trees. But if you've had a look at the two Dying Light 2 skill trees, you'll have seen that this all-important tool is missing. So how do you get hold of it?

Below you'll learn exactly when and how you can unlock the Grappling Hook in Dying Light 2. We'll also cover how to upgrade the Grappling Hook to unlock the ability to retract the hook, pulling yourself up towards the ledge you've grappled onto.

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How to unlock the Grappling Hook in Dying Light 2

In Dying Light 2, you must progress to a particular main story mission before you can unlock the Grappling Hook. Unexpectedly - and, I'm sure, disappointingly for some - this story mission is fairly late on in the game.

You unlock the Grappling Hook during the "Broadcast" story mission. It's a Level 4 mission which involves scaling the top of the tallest tower in the city. The good news is that you cannot miss it: the game will literally direct you to the Grappling Hook's location, and you'll need it before you can progress. So all you need to do is keep playing until you reach this point, and you'll gain access to the Grappling Hook.

If you want a more in-depth explanation, read on. But beware: minor spoilers follow.

The player reaches for the Grappling Hook tool embedded in a wall in Dying Light 2.

In the story mission "Broadcast", Aiden accompanies a team of Peacekeepers (one of the two major Dying Light 2 Factions) on a mission to the top of the VNC Tower in the Central Loop, the tallest building in Villedor. But predictably, things go wrong, and Aiden is forced to try and reach the top of the tower on his own. Along the way, he is guided by Frank - former Nightrunner chief - who once attempted to scale the same building with his team and failed. He leads you to an elevator shaft where some abandoned Nightrunner equipment may still be there for Aiden to take. That equipment? The Grappling Hook. You'll find it embedded on the wall to the left when you reach the elevator shaft.

How to upgrade the Grappling Hook

At first, the Grappling Hook can only swing at a fixed distance from objects, but you can talk to any Craftmaster in the city in order to upgrade the Grappling Hook's capabilities. To upgrade the Grappling Hook so that it can pull you towards the ledge you've grappled onto, all you need to do is speak to a Craftmaster, switch to the "Upgrade" tab, and then select the Grappling Hook under Nightrunner Tools (incidentally you can use this same menu to upgrade other tools such as your all-important Paraglider). You'll need to pay 2000 Old World Money and 2 Military Tech in order to upgrade the blueprint. If you're not sure about the latter requirement, check out our guide on Dying Light 2 Military Tech.

That's all you need to know about unlocking the ever-useful Grappling Hook in Dying Light 2. If you want to improve your parkour skills to match your new Nightrunner tools, check out our guide on Dying Light 2 Inhibitors to help boost your stamina and other stats. Or, if the idea of grappling around Villedor with friends appeals, consult our quick and easy guide on how to play Dying Light 2 in coop multiplayer.

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