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Dying Light 2 endings: how to get the best ending in Dying Light 2

Here's how your choices change the ending of Dying Light 2

Want to know how to get the best Dying Light 2 ending? Throughout your playthrough of Dying Light 2, there are a number of fateful moments where you must make hard decisions which can influence the ending you receive in the Epilogue. In Techland's newest story there is no clear right or wrong a lot of the time, and it's rarely clear which decisions affect the ending and which do not.

Below we'll walk you through everything that can influence which of the 8 (yes, 8!) Dying Light 2 endings you can get. We'll talk a bit about each of the major choices and what they change in the Epilogue, alongside walkthroughs of how to get the very best and worst endings in the game.

Note: spoilers follow. Obviously.

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How many endings are in Dying Light 2?

The ending you receive in Dying Light 2 depends on several important choices. They are:

  1. Whether you kill or spare Hakon;
  2. Whether you give the VNC Tower to Frank or someone else;
  3. Whether you choose to save Mia or Lawan.

The final choice is the one you make during the Epilogue, and it is the most important, as it determines whether Villedor survives or is destroyed. If you want to learn more about the earlier choices, check out our guides on the Dying Light 2 Hakon choice and the Dying Light 2 VNC Tower choice.

What this means is there are technically 8 different endings to Dying Light 2. For most of them, the differences are fairly minute, but the above choices still matter. Below we'll walk you through what changes with each of these choices, and explain how to get the best ending and the worst ending in the game.

What changes if you kill or spare Hakon?

If you spare Hakon, then he will arrive at the very end of the game to rescue whoever you don't pick to save between Lawan and Mia. However, even if Hakon saves Mia, she will die shortly afterwards.

If you kill Hakon, then no one comes to rescue whoever you don't choose to save, and they immediately die in the explosion. If you choose this route, then you are locked into leaving the city on your own.

What changes if you give the VNC Tower to Frank?

If you give the VNC Tower to Frank, then the Survivors take over Villedor (if Villedor is left standing - see the next choice), and if Lawan survives she will leave the city with Aiden.

If you give the VNC Tower to Jack Matt or Juan, then the Peacekeepers take over Villedor (if it still stands), and whether Lawan lives or dies, Aiden will leave the city without her.

What changes if you save Lawan or Mia?

If you save Mia, then Villedor survives. Lawan will successfully detonate the charges, destroying the missiles before they destroy the city. However, Mia will still die shortly after saving her, and Lawan will also die unless you spared Hakon.

If you save Lawan, then Villedor is largely destroyed. Mia dies, along with pretty much everyone else except you and Lawan.

A screenshot from the ending cutscene of Dying Light 2 showing Lawan leaving the city with Aiden.

How to get the best ending in Dying Light 2

Given the above outcomes, it should be pretty clear how to get the best possible ending out of Dying Light 2:

Spare Hakon, give the VNC Tower to Frank, and save Mia.

Mia's death is sadly inevitable, but you need to let Lawan sacrifice herself in order to save the city and its inhabitants. However, if you spared Hakon then Lawan will still get out alive; and if you gave the VNC Tower to Frank, then Lawan will see fit to join you on your travels. The game ends with a cutscene of the two of you leaving Villedor together. This is therefore the way to save the most people, and the only ending in which you can leave Villedor alongside Lawan.

A screenshot from the ending cutscene of Dying Light 2 showing Villedor in ruins.

How to get the worst ending in Dying Light 2

On the flipside of this, if you're a true completionist, here's how to get the worst possible ending in Dying Light 2:

Kill Hakon, don't give the VNC Tower to Frank, and save Lawan.

To be honest, the only choice that really matters here is saving Lawan. The city is destroyed, and Mia dies anyway. What little remains of Villedor is under the control of the Peacekeepers, and despite saving Lawan, she doesn't come with you as you continue along the solitary road of the Pilgrim. That's rough, buddy.

A screenshot from the ending cutscene of Dying Light 2 showing Hakon leaving the city with Aiden.

How to get the secret ending in Dying Light 2

There's one other ending worth highlighting, because it gives you a unique cutscene at the end:

Spare Hakon, and save Lawan

Here, it doesn't matter who you give the VNC Tower to - except obviously that it determines who rules what remains of Villedor after the missiles land. If you pick these two options, then the city is destroyed, but while Lawan refuses to join you, Hakon will come with you instead at the very end. Thus, you both leave the city together, as per your original deal with each other at the start of the game.

It's hardly a good ending, because Villedor is destroyed, almost everyone (Mia included) is dead, and you'll never see Lawan again despite saving her. But hey - at least there's Hakon!

That's all you need to know about the 8 different endings of Dying Light 2 and how to earn them. If you want to learn more about the differences between the Peacekeepers and the Survivors, check out our Dying Light 2 Factions guide. Elsewhere you can find our comprehensive Dying Light 2 Inhibitor locations guide. And if you're worried about how your choices in the Epilogue impact your decision, you can read more about how you can keep playing Dying Light 2 after the final mission.

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