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How to unlock the Paraglider in Dying Light 2

Here's how you can unlock the Paraglider tool in Dying Light 2

Wondering when you can get your hands on the Paraglider in Dying Light 2? Techland have given players a lovely array of traversal tools to play with in Dying Light 2, designed to be used seamlessly alongside Aiden's impressive parkour skills. One of the most essential tools at your disposal is the Paraglider, which you can activate while in the air to glide for a short time across rooftops. But if you're a new player, you might be wondering exactly how you can get your hands on such a useful and powerful tool.

Below we'll reveal exactly how and when you can unlock the Paraglider in Dying Light 2, along with some words on how you can upgrade the Paraglider's effects later on in the game using the right materials.

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How to unlock the Paraglider in Dying Light 2

To unlock Dying Light 2's Paraglider tool, you'll need to progress to a specific part of the game's main story. The Paraglider is one of the earliest Nightrunner tools available to Aiden in Dying Light 2, and all Nightrunner tools are only unlocked at specific points during story missions. So if you were hoping to beeline through the skills tree to unlock the Paraglider as soon as possible, think again.

Thankfully - and unlike the Paraglider's companion tool, the Grappling Hook - you don't have to progress terribly far in the story to unlock the Paraglider. The quest you're looking for is called "A Place To Call Home", and it's a level 2 quest which begins right after the (unforgettable) story quest, "Let's Waltz!". It is here that you'll meet one of the main characters of Dying Light 2, Lawan - and once you both reach the roof, Lawan will give you the Paraglider.

After this, you'll receive a brief tutorial explaining how to use the Paraglider. But if you need a refresher, here's how it works:

  • While in the air you can press "Z" on the keyboard or "X" on the controller to open the Paraglider, allowing you to drift in the air.
  • Drifting with the Paraglider consumes stamina. Once you reach zero stamina, you'll fall.
  • You can hold forward to lower your height quickly, or backward to maintain your height as much as possible.
  • While gliding, look for air vents. Gliding over these vents will launch you upwards and refill your stamina bar, allowing you to keep going for longer.

Even in its most basic form, the Paraglider is an incredibly useful traversal tool in Dying Light 2; but it becomes even more useful when you upgrade it. Like all Nightrunner tools you can talk to a Craftmaster to upgrade the Paraglider. But while ordinary tools require Infected Trophies to upgrade, Nightrunner tools require something a bit rarer - Military Tech. They're tough to get hold of, but the rewards are well worth it, as you can upgrade your Paraglider to move faster and more nimbly through the air.

Paragliders are just one of many helpful tools available to you in the zombie apocalypse. To learn about some of the others, check out our page on dual wielding with the homemade shotgun in Dying Light 2, or see our guide to unlocking the grappling hook in Dying Light 2.

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