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How to farm Infected Trophies in Dying Light 2

Learn how to easily farm Infected Trophies in Dying Light 2

Want to know how to get more Infected Trophies in Dying Light 2? Much emphasis is placed on gradually upgrading your blueprints in Dying Light 2, to increase the power and usefulness of all the items you can craft. But while the recipes for each blueprint upgrade differs, almost all of them require various kinds of Infected Trophies. But how do you get your hands on these gnarly loot drops?

Below we'll walk you through the different types of Infected Trophies and the types of enemies that most consistently drop them. We'll also explain how to farm Infected Trophies in Dying Light 2, so you can obtain these otherwise rare upgrade ingredients with ease.

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Dying Light 2: Infected Trophies explained

Infected Trophies are a type of loot in Dying Light 2. As you might imagine, they're dropped by various kinds of Infected, and they are an important resource (possibly second only to Military Tech) because they are used to upgrade blueprints throughout the game. Whether it's a blueprint for a weapon mod, or a consumable healing item, or a Molotov Cocktail - if you want to upgrade these items, you'll need Infected Trophies to do it.

Infected Trophies come in three varieties: Uncommon, Rare, and Unique. Most starting upgrades require only Uncommon Infected Trophies, but as you reach the higher upgrade levels you'll find that you need to gather more of each type of Trophy to unlock the next level. The good news is that once you have the required numbers and types of Infected Trophies, all you need to do to upgrade the blueprint is talk to any Craftmaster and find the item you want to upgrade under the "Upgrades" tab.

Unfortunately, if you don't know the tricks that I'm about to tell you, then getting Infected Trophies in the required quantities can be pretty time-consuming. Trophies do drop from any type of enemy, but they're quite a rare drop unless you target particular Dying Light 2 enemy types. Here's what each Trophy's description tells you about which enemies drop them:

  • Uncommon Infected Trophies: Virals, Howlers, Spitters
  • Rare Infected Trophies: Goons, Bolters, Banshees
  • Unique Infected Trophies: Chargers, Demolishers, Volatiles

If it's specifically Unique Infected Trophies you're after, you should also know that Revenants seem to drop Unique Infected Trophies fairly consistently. Revenants are Infected-spawning enemies found at GRE Anomaly points marked on your map. They only come out at night, but it's fairly easy to defeat them, and you can snag some Inhibitors in each Anomaly point while you're at it.

How to farm Infected Trophies in Dying Light 2

During my time with Dying Light 2 I came across two different methods for easily farming Infected Trophies. Are you ready for the first?

A zombie in Dying Light 2 shuffling towards the player as part of a nighttime chase.

Farming method 1: Trigger a Chase by aggravating a Howler.

Yes, the game tells you early on to avoid Howlers and Chases at all costs, but if you're careful then this is a fantastic and fairly risk-free way of farming Infected Trophies at any time during the night. The best way to do this is to head to a source of UV Light (in case things get too hairy and you need to escape), then find a Howler and attack it to start a chase. Then jump up to a ledge nearby - one which more or less forces the Infected chasing you to come up one at a time. Kill them over and over until the chase ends - then loot all the corpses, and you'll find that every single one of them dropped an Uncommon Infected Trophy (or sometimes even a higher rarity trophy). This is because all the "chasing" infected are Virals, an enemy type which consistently drops Infected Trophies.

The chase-triggering method is great because you can do it whenever you like as long as it's nighttime. The second method I found doesn't have this luxury as you can only do it at a specific moment in the story, but it has the benefit of lasting for as long as you are able to last, rather than ending when dawn begins.

Dying Light 2: the player walks up to a zombie that is being electrocuted.

Farming method 2: the "Broadcast" story mission.

The level 4 story mission "Broadcast" is a fairly important one. For one thing, it is where you gain access to the all-important Grappling Hook. But it's also great because of a particular point where you can effectively farm Infected Trophies for as long as you want. Minor spoilers follow!

At a certain point in this mission before you and the PKs attempt to scale the tallest building in the city, the power will go out, plunging Rowe's men into danger. You and Rowe split up to track them down and restore the power. After sneaking past lots of Infected (including some Volatiles), you'll reach the maintenance room where you must "Restore the power". Flip the switch, and you'll be tasked to "Check the fuses". While this is happening, Virals will start spawning from tiny vents throughout the room.

The key to this farming method is to check the fuses but then DO NOT immediately go back to the main switch to restore the power. Instead, just stay in the room, and Virals will come after you endlessly, a few at a time. You can literally keep killing them for as long as you have the resources and weaponry to do so, so if you really want to farm Trophies, make sure you stock up on heals and weapons ahead of time. This farming method is also great because in the centre of the room with the fuses, there is an electrified area which you can easily lead the Virals into, killing them with relative safety. In my first playthrough I farmed over 100 Infected Trophies before I had to move on, but if you're really dedicated, I'm sure you can farm several times that number.

You'll likely also come across plenty of opportunities to earn Infected Trophies while delving into GRE Quarantine buildings and the like, looking for more Inhibitors. If you need some help farming Trophies, check out our guide on how to play Dying Light 2 coop so you friends can join and farm with you. You should also come prepared with the best weapons that Dying Light 2 has to offer, and learn about how to repair weapons so you can keep fighting at peak power for longer.

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