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How to repair weapons in Dying Light 2

Learn about weapon durability and how to repair weapons in Dying Light 2

Want to learn how to repair weapons in Dying Light 2? Almost all weapons in Dying Light 2 have a set durability. The only exceptions are bows, which last forever. If you're rather taken with a particular melee weapon and you want it to last as long as possible, there are definitely certain steps you can take. And if you want to know whether you can repair weapons: yep, it's definitely possible, although there are certain limitations that you may not like.

Below we'll walk you through how to repair weapons in Dying Light 2, and how to use the Reinforcement mod to extend the lifespan of your weapons as much as possible.

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How to repair weapons in Dying Light 2

It is possible to repair weapons, replenishing their durability - however, you can only do this a limited number of times per weapon, and there is no way to prevent durability loss completely. This means sooner or later, your weapon will break, and there's nothing you can do except delay the inevitable.

So, how can you repair your weapons in Dying Light 2? The answer is: by installing weapon mods. Every time you install a weapon mod into a weapon, it replenishes 50 durability. That means it's best not to add weapon mods to a new weapon; instead, wait until the durability has dropped by at least 50 points to get the full benefit of installing the weapon mod.

The downside is that you cannot switch out one weapon mod for another once it's installed, so you can only repair your weapon as many times as you have mod slots in that weapon. Even the very best weapons in the game only have three mod slots - tip, shaft, and grip - which means you can only replenish a maximum of 150 durability for a single weapon.

Dying Light 2 Reinforcement mod

Aside from installing weapon mods, the other method of prolonging the life of your weapon is by installing one particular mod: the Reinforcement grip mod. This mod reduces the durability loss of using your weapon by a certain percentage. To begin with, this percentage is quite small, but you can upgrade the Reinforcement mod multiple times by talking to a Craftmaster. The costs grow higher with each upgrade (and you'll need to spend quite a bit of time farming for Infected Trophies), but you can eventually push the durability loss modifier all the way up to -100%.

Don't get excited though. Whether it's a bug or not is uncertain, but as things currently stand, despite the fact that the durability cost per hit has been reduced by 100%, your weapon will still lose durability slowly over time. It's still a great tool that drastically prolongs the life of your favourite weapons, but as I said at the beginning of this guide, there's nothing you can do to totally prevent durability loss. You can only delay the inevitable breaking of your weapon.

In the zombie apocalypse you want to make your resources last as long as they can, and ensure that everything (including yourself) is upgraded as much as possible. So before you leave, take a look at our guides to finding Military Tech in Dying Light 2 and gathering Inhibitors in Dying Light 2.

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