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The weirdest Final Fantasy game is now cheaper and coming to Steam next month

Jack still hungers for Chaos

Stranger Of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin will launch on Steam next month, and it's now available at a "new, affordable price", according to Square Enix. Not more affordable, just "affordable", which kind of implies that the old price for the Team Ninja action game was unaffordable.

As of today, Stranger Of Paradise therefore costs £35/$40 from the Epic Games Store, down from £50/$60. Nobody tell them that a bunch of their other games still cost $70.

Square Enix announced the April 6th release date and price cut with a tweet:

The official site linked in the tweet now includes links to a product listing page on the Steam store, but that store page isn't live yet. When it is, this link should take you there, but it'll redirect to the Steam homepage for now.

Stranger Of Paradise doesn't feel much like other Final Fantasy games. It's a character action game about hacking and slashing your way towards killing Chaos as a gruff fighter boy named Jack. Ed (our own gruff fighter boy) played it at release and appreciated Team Ninja's typically tight combat core, but felt it was let down by flat levels, a repetitive loot grind and one-note characters.

Square Enix's recent financial report mentioned that several of their recent releases had underperformed. No games were specifically named, and Square Enix have released a lot of games in the past year, but a lower price will presumably lead to more people taking a chance on Jack's insatiable need to kill Chaos.

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